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The most memorable and awe-inspiring sites in outdoor.

Bring real prestige to your campaign with our Towers, Halos and Banners.

National Packs

Premium Portrait Campaigns

Campaign Name Description Total Panels

Mega 6s

A perfect showcase for your creative on key locations throughout the capital


Mega 6 Towers

Stand-out structures with massive traffic flow past each site


Mega 6 Halos

Halos can be set to display a specific colour to compliment your advertising creative


National Packs

Premium Landscape Campaigns

Campaign Name Description Total Panels

Mega 48s

Two elevations on the M4 and at Blackfriars



Our current banner portfolio includes London Bridge and Central Hall in Birmingham


Mega 96s

The largest landscape formats in outdoor, locations include Edgeware Road, Chiswick Roundabout and Blackfriars


Pinnacle Backlight 96s

Landmark sites at city gateways and on major arterial routes


The Sunday Times - Best Green Companies 2008 - 2011

Business Superbrands 2013

Winner - IT Industry Awards 2009

Winner - Campaign Media Awards 2010

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