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LD6: a new way to talk to London with Clear Channel

The London Digital 6 Sheet is a new premium brand connection, enabling advertisers to creatively engage with commuter, shopper and entertainment audiences on the move.

The network consists of 100 72" HD digital screens located at bus shelters in busy, premium locations across London: the UK's first digital street furniture network, delivering an audience of over 4 million every forthnight.

Through context, immediacy, interactivity and creativity, the LD6 network offers advertisers the opportunity to create complete brand experiences for the consumer: from downloading vouchers to use in a nearby store, to delivering relevant information via multi copy updates.

LD6 at Kings Cross Station
LD6 on London Oxford St
LD6 at Cambridge Circus
LD6 at Cambridge Circus 2

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London: a premium environment

Trendsetting, dynamic and cosmopolitan, the capital draws in millions of visitors every month and provides the perfect launch-pad for the LD6 network.

The 100 screens are in premium locations across the capital, on busy high streets and thoroughfares, targeting key audiences en masse.  With approximately 80% of screens located inside the shelter itself, they offer a long dwell time, presenting great opportunities for consumer engagement and the power to influence decision-making just before the point of purchase.

They target the environments below which include key London streets:

Shopping areas Oxford Street, Shepherds Bush Road, Victoria Street, Baker Street
Entertainment districts Shoreditch High Street, Camden High Street, Clapham High Street, Cambridge Circus, Aldwych
Transport hubs Euston, King's Cross, Victoria, Clapham Junction
Affluent residential areas Wandsworth, Hammersmith, Islington, Westminster

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Target an affluent audience en masse

Situated in areas of heavy footfall across London, the LD6 network delivers 15.8 million impacts every week.  In particular, the network has been built to target:

  • Affluent young professionals who live in the boroughs, or who come to the West End to work, shop and socialise
  • Visitors to London, particularly high-spending international tourists

Attracted to the dynamic and varied shopping and social scene of London, they are likely to be technically savvy and have a high disposable income. Low consumers of other media, they will be engaged, inspired and influenced by the screens when it matters most.

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The screen and what it can do

The screen offers exceptional quality as well as multiple copy changing and interactive capabilities.

  • 72 inch HD screen
  • Daylight visibility
  • Approximaitely 80% located inside the bus shelter
  • Copy changing flexibility
  • Interactivity

These properties, combined with the proximity element, the high dwell time and technically-savvy audience means advertisers can use LD6s to amplify their brand message by:

Context Tailor message by location, time of day or mindset
Immediacy Dynamic copy updates create relevance
Interactivity The latest technology (including NFC) enables consumers to engage more fully with the brand via downloads and shortcuts
Creativity The high quality of the screen and flexibility mean enhanced creative possibilities

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Flexible campaign options

We aim to offer advertisers maximum flexibility so that they can take full advantage of the capabilities of the LD6 network. 

10 second spots and multiples of are offered in a 60-second loop, running 20 hours per day, and include:

  • Multiple copy changes and site-specific copy
  • Flexible campaign start dates

Over a two-week period, the London Digital 6 Sheet campaign of 100 sites delivers:

COVER – 42%

To find out more call 020 7478 2200 or email