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7 March 2018

O2 – “Stuck”

O2 are running their second national burst of their Choose campaign with the launch of the fantastically creative “Stuck” special build billboards, promoting their yearly upgrade.

The tongue-in-cheek special builds were created exclusively by Clear Channel’s Create team and play on the visuals and copy of the creative. These also ran alongside campaign bookings on our roadside digital Storm and Adshel Live sites. These were booked in AdCity, Havas UK, and VCCP.

The selection of 96 and 48 sheet billboards are situated in prime metropolitan locations and have been manually stripped back to their chipboard base. The printed creative was then casually applied on top, as if it’s been physically stuck to the panel using masking tape – the same as used to write the tag line.

The miniature one-sheet billboard has also been specially built for this campaign. The highly recognisable creative gets its very own bespoke frame and is comically stuck in-between two 48-sheet billboards.

The campaign, running from February 26th, are accompanied by the return of the “Oops” ‘broken’ billboards, built in a number of key prime locations. Oops ‘broken’ billboards received much attention toward the end of 2017 – a simple and effective visual by VCCP, given an additional Out of Home creative twist by a number of special builds around the UK. Campaign named it their number one outdoor ad of 2017!

This was a great project to be involved in, with the Create Team working closely with the rest of the Clear Channel team, as well as the specialists, agency, and creative agency. Not only are the “Stuck” special builds incredibly creative and original in their own right, it is fantastic to be adding another Out of Home twist to an already fantastic campaign.

Ryan Curtin
Trading Account Executive

O2 – “Stuck”
vw-troc-header 0= MAIN FOR cil
18 January 2018

VW T-Roc Special

Bam the Ram, star of Volkswagen’s “Born Confident” campaign, is brought to life by Clear Channel UK’s Create Team.

Located in Brixton, South London, this impressive special-build features a life-sized Bam the Ram atop the billboard, breaking through the ad and billboard frame.

The already successful TV campaign sees a confident Bam the Ram smashing his way through barn walls, leading a flock of sheep and facing off against a bull, until he encounters the VW T-Roc SUV and realises he has met his match. It’s no different for this special billboard – Bam meets the T-Roc again, this time deciding to make a break for it, through the front of the 48-sheet.

In the same way that the creative agency went to extraordinary lengths to create the realistic and playful animated animal, the team have also gone to great efforts to ensure the life-sized model is as realistic and effective as possible.

Placing a temporary panel over the selected 48 sheet billboard, our team created a realistic rip that looks as if Bam the Ram has burst through. Built by prop builders Russell Signs, the physical model was based on the original animation and VFX files used for the TV ad. It was hand-crafted in foam and fibreglass, and finished in synthetic fur.

Running for two weeks, the campaign illustrates the power of out of home – the most traditional media – to deliver impactful brand fame underpinned through creativity.

This was a great project to work on and it’s amazing to see how a powerful campaign can be amplified with a simple extra touch of creativity from out of home.

Our Creative Director Louise Stubbings says, “The ‘Born Confident’ TV ads have introduced us to a wonderfully bold and charming character in Bam the Ram, who is a metaphor for the Volkswagen T-Roc’s compactness and flair. We’re really proud to bring a physical version of him into the real world. Here in the Create team at Clear Channel UK we are all about bringing ideas to life, and this project is the perfect embodiment of that”.

The clients were also thrilled with the final execution and I’m already hearing that all of the agencies involved are asking to re-home Bam in their offices after the campaign ends.

Clear Channel UK worked closely with Talon, PHD, and Adam & Eve/DDB for the special build, booked as part of the national Volkswagen T-Roc “Born Confident” campaign. The national campaign booked included premium large format digital, Wrap and Storm, delivering Reach, Activation and Fame to large urban audiences across the country.

Iona Joy
Create Project Manager

VW T-Roc Special
18 December 2017

O2 Popcorn Snowglobe

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

This festive O2 campaign saw the launch of the world’s first Popcorn Snow Globe. Located in Meadowhall and Manchester Arndale malls, these magical special build sites drew in the crowds, raising awareness of O2’s friends & family cinema pass offer.

After the success of the award winning “Oops” campaign, O2 was extremely eager to continue this streak of creativity with a brand new interactive and original idea for their friends and family cinema pass deal.

Working closely with the creative agency, our Create team put together a magical and innovative special build idea that combined a seasonal festive theme with popcorn – the snack of choice for cinema goers of all ages.

The bespoke free-standing unit was designed to resemble a traditional snow globe but with festive music and lights, with an O2 replica phone, snowy trees, and a golden ticket placed inside. However, rather than snow, when a passer-by hit the illuminated button, the globe would blow around popcorn like it was snowing.

This unique creation was amplified by also having a tantalising popcorn scent released at the same time which, combined with enthusiastic O2 ambassadors encouraging passers-by to interact, created a magical draw that enticed large numbers of shoppers to take notice.

It’s one of the most unique special builds Create have ever made. Don’t believe me? Check the Popcorn Snow Globe below:

I loved working on this because not only did we create a successful campaign that fulfilled O2’s objectives of raising awareness and driving people to stores, we also created a magical media first that lots of families and shoppers loved and were excited to interact with.

It’s also always nice to receive feedback. Adcity were extremely impressed with the final execution, saying how they “can always trust you and your team to deliver”,

O2 loved it too, saying that the campaign looked “ace” and they hoped the customers “enjoy it as much as we do”.

This campaign was booked in partnership with Adcity, Forward Media, VCCP and O2.

Susi Thomas
Creative Delivery Manager

O2 Popcorn Snowglobe
4 December 2017

Thomas Cook – Black Friday

Winter Blues? Book a holiday!

This Black Friday Thomas Cook campaign highlighted the flexibility and range of our digital out of home network to target customers at various points along the consumer journey. With the idea pitched on the Monday, and the campaign live by Friday, the client was extremely impressed with how quick and easy it was to execute a digital out of home campaign at such short notice.

The idea was initially born from a presentation by our Agency Team in Manchester. Our Agency Leader, Russell Levin, and Agency Account Manager, Jade English arranged to meet the Thomas Cook comms planning team at Carat at the start of the week. Running through our digital inventory, the team described how our various formats could be utilised to target specific audiences, in key areas, at strategic times. This assured the client’s message would be received and re-enforced at each touch point along the consumer journey. The idea received great feedback, which resulted in a chunky brief for Thomas Cook’s Black Friday campaign from Posterscope.

Working closely with our Campaign Planning, Retail, and Sales Support teams, we set out to put together an impressive multi-format digital campaign. The campaign used our network of Adshel Live and Malls Live screens to drive footfall into stores – where 70% of Thomas Cook holidays are still booked. Additionally, our roadside network of digital billboard Wrap screens were included to reach commuters travelling to and from work, whilst continuing to build anticipation for Black Friday. Brand Fame was delivered through our premium Storm sites and new Mall XL screens, that gave the campaign a premium feel. Finally, the campaign was live across multiple Socialite screens. Located nation-wide in bustling pubs and bars, during the typically busy winter season, the campaign would reach large numbers of consumers, building a buzz and creating talking points – “Mexico or Italy?”

The whole process eventually bought in a sizable booking, which went live on the Friday and looked fantastic across our top-of-the-range digital network. I love this campaign because it was a representation of how reactive, easy and effective a digital out of home campaign can be. The campaign was the result of great team work and it was amazing to see such a positive response from the client – a perfect example of how our expanding digital portfolio allows us to offer advertisers the opportunity to book incredible campaigns at short notice.

Yoni Ross
Sales Executive

Thomas Cook – Black Friday
kia-eco - edit
13 November 2017

Kia Motors

Beep Beep!

This was an amazing campaign from Kia Motors that saw them light up the streets of London for their illuminating ‘Power’ campaign.

Booked through Havas and AdCity this campaign was showcased on two LED special-build backlight large format billboards.

Located in Brixton and Billingsgate, the campaign drove awareness of the new Kia Eco range and illustrated to the public that you can have just as much power as a petrol motor with an eco-vehicle, but with far less harmful emissions. The two premium sites in areas with high levels of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic were perfect for targeting a wide range of audiences, as well as those potentially in the market for a new car.

In order to achieve this “power of surprise”, Clear Channel’s imaginative Create team put together two special build sites that used LED lighting to light up the word “POWER”, as well as the 12 headlights on the other Kia cars. This creative and imaginative campaign truly stood out on the roadside landscape – the lit up site cleverly drawing attention to the campaign’s message of “POWER”.

It was great to see Sanka De Silva, Kia Motor’s Head of Dealer & Direct Motoring, say:

“The LED specials look great. Well done and great job everyone!”


Jamie Mason
Agency Account Manager

Kia Motors
Specsavers_110917_167798_CF10 2DZ
1 November 2017


Specsavers, in partnership with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) launched an ambitious, multi-channel, reactive campaign to raise awareness of the importance of eye health and encourage people to have regular eye tests.

The campaign harnessed the reach, creativity, and flexibility of OOH to launch its ‘More Important Than’ campaign, running on classic Adshel and large format, as well as our digital Adshel Live and Storm screens. This was planned and bought by Talon Outdoor.

Conceived and executed by Specsavers, their in-house Creative Team and Manning Gottlieb OMD, ‘More Important Than’ created impact at scale by raising the priority level of a regular eye tests, building on Specsavers heritage as one of the UK’s most successful reactive advertisers. The campaign responded to daily moments in news and conversation juxtaposing an issue of real importance with everyday topics of cultural interest in unmissable related environments, encouraging the UK public to act.

This is a great example of how our digital portfolio can be harnessed to create dynamic and contextually relevant campaigns that connect with audiences and encourage people to make positive changes. As a glasses-wearer who tends to treat eye check-ups as a rare necessity, it certainly made me see the benefits of regular eye tests more clearly.

Daniel Willis
Communications Executive

Procter_G_280817_132350_M8 8DY_6
18 September 2017

Herbal Essences

To celebrate the release of their bio:renew collection, Herbal Essences has launched a series of experiential Out of Home (OOH) activations, allowing the public to smell the new range of fragrances with their ‘Let Life In’ campaign.

Two ‘pickable’ billboards have been created, giving people the opportunity to smell the amazing new fragrances for themselves – by pulling scented Herbal Essences bottle postcards directly off billboards in Leeds and Manchester! Being able to directly engage with a massive billboard, and interact with the Herbal Essences brand in a creative new way, is a great example of how traditional OOH can create memorable advertising experiences for the public.

The new fragrances – which include Argan Oil, White Grapefruit and Mosa Mint, Coconut Milk, and Golden Moringa Oil – are also being dispersed in Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol and Brighton at four separate locations at scented bus shelters. The shelters, which have also been wrapped in bespoke Herbal Essences vinyl, feature 6-sheet units designed to dispense short bursts of fragrance at regular intervals – creating moments of magic for people on the high street.

In addition, 15 Sainsbury’s Live digital screens at Sainsbury’s stores nationwide have also been wrapped in branded Herbal Essences vinyl. The screens will display Herbal Essences messaging over a 2-week period, reaching shoppers at point of sale to activate brand consideration and purchase decisions.

Herbal Essences are encouraging people to Let Life In with their delicious new fragrances in the Herbal Essences bio:renew collections – and they’re also engaging the public in some exciting OOH experiential activity this summer! Keep an eye (and nose!) out for your chance to Let Life In…

Rose Laird

Communications Manager

Herbal Essences
Dogs_Trust_170717_Cromwell Road_026 (1)
12 September 2017

Dogs Trust

Animal welfare charity Dogs Trust is on a mission is to bring about the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.

Dogs Trust supporters see this in their promise to “never put a healthy dog down’”. It means that once a dog arrives at one of their rehoming centres, he (or she) is safe and can live there until they are rehomed – even if that’s their whole lives.

In order to raise awareness of Dogs Trust, we wanted to create a fun, positive campaign that targeted potential dog owners around the UK, and drove footfall to their rehoming centres, all the while increasing understanding of Dogs Trust’s mission.

Reaching nationwide audiences, Dogs Trust appeared across almost 600 Adshel Live screens on busy high streets across the UK, as well as hundreds of Socialite screens – allowing the brand to reach social audiences in pubs and bars – and Malls Live, inspiring shoppers in some of the country’s leading retail hotspots. In addition, the Dogs Trust campaign ran across our Storm Navigate 10 package: 10 iconic digital Out of Home (DOOH) sites, hand-selected from a national pool of Storm locations, building brand fame on some of the world’s most stunning large format DOOH sites.

The creative, which features a hopeful pup waiting to be re-homed, is entertaining, emotive and truly reflective of the Dogs Trust mission. I was delighted to work with Dogs Trust on this campaign, which stole my heart – but, thankfully, not my socks!

Mike Reeves

Agency Account Manager

Agency: 7 Stars

Dogs Trust
1 September 2017


Free screen replacements? A campaign that will have no shortage of takers, with Brits damaging their phones roughly ten weeks from purchase*, O2 has really honed in on customer values and benefits, highlighting their new screen replacement service with some fantastic Out of Home executions.

O2’s vision has been brought to life with a focus on simplicity and hard-hitting (pun very much intended) copy on special build billboards in Holland Park Roundabout and Old Street Roundabout in London. Using a simple back-out technique and a 2D cut-out, we were able to achieve a tilted effect with the billboards, making them look like they’d been dropped and cracked. In addition, we’ve installed bespoke spotlights to illuminate the billboards at night for truly stand-out impact.

Both sites are prime locations for high footfall, valuable audiences – maximising the opportunity to create a buzz on the high street with this eye-catching campaign, which is also appearing across Adshel Live and Wrap screens nationwide, as well as Storm in London.

All in all, a great execution for a time-sensitive deal which will encourage consumers to visit their O2 store or, for those considering changing providers, raise awareness of a great perk to motivate them to do so. Having currently had a cracked phone screen for the last 4 months with no intention of spending the cost it takes for a replacement, I would very happily take advantage of this service!


Toba Shahabi
Create Production Executive

Agency: Havas
Specialist: Ad City

26 June 2017

Pepsi Max Ginger

Pepsi Max has just launched a brand-new ginger flavoured variation of the famous ‘Maximum taste. No sugar’ beverage for summer 2017. Adshel posters all over the UK have been transformed to feature bespoke 3D vacuum moulds in order to drive maximum awareness.

Enormous Pepsi Max Ginger cans can be seen bursting out of bus shelters on the high street in key cities nationwide! Reaching people with a (literally) stand-out Adshel campaign, Pepsi Max is ensuring their new ginger flavour stays front of mind for UK audiences with this memorable and refreshing use of Out of Home. I am sure this will entice many a drinker to try some Pepsi Max Ginger 

Caroline Ewins
Agency Account Manager

Agency: OMD UK
Specialist: Talon

Pepsi Max Ginger