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WAVe - Proof of Posting

WAVe provides realtime Proof-of-Posting (PoP) information, so that we can see exactly when your campaign goes live.

Clear Channel was the first UK outdoor media owner to offer proof of posting across all its Street Furniture and Billboard portfolio.

This proof of posting system guarantees advertisers complete reassurance that their campaign has been posted in the correct period.

Using bespoke software, the WAVe (Wireless Activity Verification) system runs on Samsung S3 phones and allows Clear Channel's operations team to scan a unique 2D barcode label, fitted on every poster, to confirm proof of posting. This system also allows the operative to photograph every posted panel and report damage.
All completed instructions and damage reports are transmitted via 3G to OASIS (Clear Channel's bespoke software management system) which allows Clear Channel to provide up-to-the minute information regarding posting progress to advertisers and agencies.


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