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Bar and Pub Advertising

Socialite digital screens

01  Put your brand centre stage

The UK’s most extensive network of Pubs & Bars digital screens

Whether people are out for work drinks, watching the big game or just grabbing a bite to eat, our Pub & Bar advertising screens are the perfect way to reach sociable audiences in a variety of key moments - generating 1.7 million impressions each week.

We know that 90%* of adults notice adverts whilst in a pub, so whether you’re looking to build your brand nationally, regionally or locally, put your brand centre stage with our Pub & Bar advertising format: Socialite. Spark conversations and drive sales by delivering unmissable, full motion video content on our HD digital screens across the UK.

02  Spark the conversation

Why use Pubs & Bars advertising?

Socialite are HD digital screens that can be found in the UK’s most popular pubs and bars. These venues play host to a wide variety of different people which means it’s the perfect place to connect with your ideal audience.

From young and sociable audiences who love a big night out, to colleagues having some drinks after work, Socialite allows you to spark conversations with hard to reach, receptive audiences who are even more likely to see your advertising campaign.

03  Find out more about Socialite, our Pubs & Bars advertising format
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