Black History Month x FGUK Magazine

Black History Month x FGUK Magazine

Date Published: 18 October 2018 |

This month Clear Channel partnered with FGUK Magazine in order to support their seasonal magazine issue, as well as their latest short film “Rise”, in celebration of Black History Month.
The latest issue of FGUK – a magazine born out of Editor-in-Chief Marvin Maddix’s need to offer what it means to be a person of colour in Britain today – showcases some of the fantastic new talent and creativity from the UK’s diverse culture and communities.

Speaking about the project, Marvin Maddix said “Discussing racism is to play a role in the betterment of the human condition; it isn’t about being black or white, but standing up for contemporary injustices that affect our tomorrow.”

Running across our digital Out of Home network of Socialite and Malls Live screens, Clear Channel was able to support and amplify not only the latest seasonal print issue of FGUK, but also short clips from the film “Rise”, shot by Simon Cecere and curated by Marvin Maddix. The short film, released for Black History Month, looks back to the connection between African American history and the Black-British experience, featuring over 19 British boys and girls from all ages, across the black spectrum. The magazine print issue also explores the current political climate, and features some of the most influential and recognised #POC influencers across the digital sphere including Rickey Thompson, Aleali May, Candace Reels and Tré Melvin.

Discussing the partnership, Brand Advance Agency Co-Founder, Christopher Kenna, said: “It was great to be approached with this worthwhile campaign and facilitate this perfect partnership between Clear Channel and FGUK Magazine. A campaign that’s Black History Month related but also showcasing the fantastic talent and creativity from the UK’s diverse culture and communities. Clear Channel allowed us to amplify this content and the voices within the image. Each piece of content is produced by the community it represents, and has a real story to tell. We look forward to many more partnerships of this nature allowing Authentic Content to tell powerful stories.”

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