Clear Channel drive sustainability through LED tubes roll-out

Clear Channel drive sustainability through LED tubes roll-out

Date Published: 21 November 2018 |

  • Clear Channel UK has launched a landmark environmental initiative to upgrade existing tubes in Adshel bus shelter panels to new, bespoke Philips LED light tubes from Signify.
  • LED tubes to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint by 65% and have double the lifespan.
  • The roll-out reduces the environmental impact of public infrastructure, at no cost to taxpayer.

Clear Channel is the first Out of Home Media owner to embark on a nationwide plan to upgrade existing fluorescent tubes to new, bespoke Philips LED light tubes by Signify. Starting in November, this initiative will see tubes initially installed in 4,000 Adshel bus shelters nationwide, including Glasgow, Brighton, Merseyside, Leeds and Newcastle, with completion set for Q1 2019. Clear Channel’s goal is to eventually replace the tubes across their whole Classic Adshel estate across the country.

The Philips T8 CorePro Universal and Philips T8 MASTER Universal, provided by Signify, the world leader in lighting, will help reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by up to 65%. In addition, the new LED light tubes will have double the lifespan of the original lighting, generating less tube waste.

Clear Channel CEO, Justin Cochrane, said: “Environment and sustainability is at the heart of how we operate as a business and we’re delighted to partner with Signify to upgrade the lighting in our Adshel Classic estate at this unprecedented scale. Not only will this initiative bring tangible environmental benefits, it also exemplifies one of the many ways we’re investing to make a difference in communities where we operate.”

Joao Pola, CEO of Signify’s operations in the UK & Ireland, added: “It is great to see Clear Channel making use of our energy efficient and quick-to-fit Philips LED lighting technologies.  This is a perfect application of LED, in a way that meets all of the customer’s requirements while delivering against environmental objectives.  It is an example of our wider commitment to sustainability which is underlined by us being named Industry Leader in the 2018 Dow Jones Sustainability Index for two years running.”

This new initiative is part of Clear Channel’s on-going efforts to improve sustainability and help reduce the company’s impact on the environment. In addition to being the first Out of Home media owner to invest in energy-efficient tubes on a national scale, Clear Channel has also reduced vehicle emissions by 14% from 2016, halved its carbon footprint since 2008, and in 2017 decreased its use of electricity by 14% and 16% in gas on its premises. Additionally, 100% of all the electricity the company uses is from renewable resources, and since 2017, Clear Channel has planted 330 trees in an effort to improve green spaces in urban areas.

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