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Objectives Unlocked Webinars

Check out the lockdown learning webinar sessions we brought you curious cats and kittens, way back when it seemed as if everything was Carol Baskin's fault.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you'll have noticed the dramatic shift in work patterns and access to learning as a result of the global pandemic we've all been working hard to keep under control throughout 2020. Everything that could go virtual, did go virtual. And that included our program of Clear Channel Presents events, which pivoted into a series of lockdown learning webinar sessions brought you curious cats and kittens, way back when it seemed as if it was perfectly normal to assume that everything going on was somehow Carol Baskin's fault.

Through a partnership with our friends at Contagious through April, May, August, September and October we brought you brilliant weekly webinar instalments of advertising and brand nerdery: Lockdown Learning and Objectives Unlocked. 

The sessions help you delve deep into the best possible way of delivering your specific brand and campaign objectives. Together, we wrapped up some of the smartest advertising insights and entertaining creative outlooks to bring you even more binge-worthy learning content.

We always endeavor to have recordings of past webinars available for everyone to view. But where webinars are hosted by 3rd party platforms, they may from time to time, expire. If that's the case please get in touch via hello@clearchannel.co.uk with your request and we will do everything we can to help you find your way to a copy of the recording.

01  CC Presents: Contagious

Raise Awareness

In partnership with Contagious.

/ 4pm, Wednesday 9th September

It’s hard for your brand to be front of mind in a buying situation if no-one remembers it or even knows it exists in the first place. Using a hand-picked selection of case studies from the Contagious archive, this session will show how brands from a range of sectors have used creativity to crack that fundamental marketing challenge: raising awareness.

02  CC Presents: Contagious

Earn Media

In partnership with Contagious.

/ 4pm, Wednesday 7th October

The harder it gets to buy people’s attention, the harder brands try to earn it instead. In this session we’ll explore why fame has become the weapon of choice for brands that want to reach people, and which campaigns have excelled at seeking the spotlight – and finding it. We’ll get under the skin of the work that worked, and share what your brand can learn from those earned media success stories.

03  The full line up

Objectives Unlocked Webinars

Sep 09 / Raise Awareness (see above)

Oct 07 / Earn Media (see above)

Oct 14 / Drive Web Traffic - view the session description and play back here.

Oct 21 / Launch New Products - view the session description and play back here.