Clear Channel, Primesight and Outdoor Plus partner with artist Martin Firrell for pioneering identity equality campaign

Clear Channel, Primesight and Outdoor Plus partner with artist Martin Firrell for pioneering identity equality campaign

Date Published: 1 August 2016 |

As part of the All Identity national public artwork campaign, Primesight has partnered with pioneering artist Martin Firrell and media owners Outdoor Plus and Clear Channel, to create a series of thought provoking and inspiring artworks throughout the UK.

Firrell, cited by the Guardian as “one of London’s most influential public artists”, aims to incite provocative thoughts about how we think about identity with the All Identity series. The art will highlight themes of misconceptions and stereotyping and freedom of expression, to encourage debate around the emerging concept of identity equality.

The artwork will run from Monday August 1 for four weeks on public billboards across the UK, mobile web and social media. The artwork will comprise of digital billboards and three 90-second videos depicting three individuals each with their own unique story to tell – a black gay man, an albino woman and a transsexual CEO.

Martin Firrell said, “All of my work as a public artist is aimed at prompting public conversations of social value. With ALL IDENTITY I wanted to bring messages about tolerance into public spaces up and down the country where they could make life fairer and easier for people who make unusual identity choices.

“Primesight have offered strong and consistent support for the project over its two-year development, helping me to understand the Out of Home medium, and providing the opportunity to test and refine the artwork. Now they’re putting the scale of their digital network behind the project to help us make a significant social impact.”

Naren Patel, CEO, Primesight, commented: “Recent news has given us little to be cheerful about. Working with Martin Firrell on this inspiring outdoor campaign has been a reminder to us all to celebrate diversity and difference. OOH is the perfect medium to spread Martin’s message far and get people all over the UK thinking positively about how far we’ve come as a country over the past decades.”

Justin Cochrane, CEO, Clear Channel UK, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Martin Firrell and to be playing a part in bringing ALL IDENTITY into public spaces nationwide. This is a fantastic example of the power of Out of Home media to reach and engage people – making it a perfect medium to spread this important message of tolerance and acceptance.”

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