Clear Channel’s 2018 in Numbers

Clear Channel’s 2018 in Numbers

Date Published: 20 December 2018 |

2018 has been a good year for everyone at Clear Channel UK – all 658 of us. As we fast approach the end of the year, we thought we’d take a step back and round up all of the numbers, stats, facts and figures to highlight the impact the company has had since January.

At the time of counting (not that we counted every one…), our digital network has hosted a staggering 7.3 billion plays of content since January, from nearly 8000 contracts.If that content was displayed back-to-back on a single screen, it would take over 2,314 years to play out! Those plays come from the 15,000+ digital content files uploaded – 60+ each day.

Our digital estate continues to grow at a monumental rate – 565 new screens have gone live, nearly 11 each week. Amongst those new builds are 522 new Adshel Live units. The expanding digital network comes thanks to over 46 new or retained contracts – one approximately each 8 days.

Keeping our national estate running and sparkling clean have been the depots and delivery team, who between them have racked up 1.6 million visits to sites so far this year, 778,000 of those to post on Adshel and 427,000 to clean units and shelters, and 270,000 to make repairs. Our brand new eco LED tubes have now been installed at 3000 sites – nearly 50 each day.

As well as keeping the estate shipshape for communities across the UK, we’re proud to have made a difference in other ways too. Over 100 street trees have been planted in communities, bringing important green space. We’ve diverted nearly 900 tonnes of waste away from landfill and reduced our carbon footprint by over 870 tonnes.

We’re ever learning and adapting according to everyone’s feedback. Nearly 1,000 survey responses prompted the organisation of the Fairness Workshops, attended by 105 team members. 1,500 Health and Safety training sessions were delivered, covering 10 different topics.

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