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Event Information

What's happening? 

A free and fun discussion with our incredibly exciting and expert panellists who are coming together to chat about what makes great creative for the oldest medium with the brightest future. (That's outdoor - or posters - in case we weren't being 100% clear).

When is it happening? 

Wednesday, 7th July @ 10am

Where is it happening? 

It's happening online - you can sign up using the form below. 

How do you access the event on the day?

we will send you a confirmation email which has the Zoom link and a downloadable diary hold - keep an eye out for it. If you have any problems email

02  Panellists

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Jessica Batiste

Client Director Carat UK
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Nihal De Silva

Client Partner Clear Channel UK
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Nick Entwistle

Creative Director & Founder Bank of Creativity & One Minute Briefs
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Emma Potter

Agency Group Head Clear Channel UK
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Jordan McDowell

Lead Communications Planning & Media Optimisation Manager Co-op Food UK

Can you make it?