Kelly Moore – The Highlights Of Out of Home

Kelly Moore – The Highlights Of Out of Home

Date Published: 29 January 2019 |

It’s the start of 2019, and for many, January is the month for New Year’s resolutions and reflection on the year just past. In that spirit, this month we sat down with Head of Revenue Management, Kelly Moore, to chat about her 2018 highlights, what’s she’s looking forward to in 2019, what she thinks the future holds for the industry, and how despite working at Clear Channel for 18 years, she’s still as excited as ever about the challenges ahead.  

“I’ve had several roles at Clear Channel throughout the years” Kelly explains. “I started in Development, before moving to Sales Support, and then moving into Sales where I’ve had several roles. I’ve been Head of Revenue Management for about a year and a half now and I love it. My role is certainly more than just pure revenue management; I have to think about how we best optimise, price, package, drive demand, and make the most of our ever changing estate and commercial assets. I’m certainly making use of all my years of knowledge at Clear Channel and it helps as my role also involves dealing with lots of different teams from across the company.”

There’s not one specific example for Kelly when we chat about her highlights of 2018.

“For me really it’s been the ongoing success we’ve had growing and successfully optimising our digital estate, whilst at the same time maintaining a push on our classic estate and the national reach it can provide – a project we named “Project Horizon”. We had a challenging but successful 2018, and I’m proud to say that a lot of revenue management principles are now embedded as a core part of the Sales Team’s everyday functions. We’re constantly adapting our objectives, focuses, and overall strategy to ensure we’re successful and aware of shifting market trends.”

“Looking ahead I imagine my goals for 2019 will be similar” Kelly continues, “We’re now evolving “Project Horizon” to continue our success and ensure we’re driving the right culture and behaviours. There’s obviously a lot of challenges ahead, such as the uncertainty of Brexit and its impact on advertising, and the introduction of new players in the Out of Home industry like Global. However, I think it will be exciting to see how Clear Channel adapts to these challenges, and I’ve always personally found that whenever I’m nervous or apprehensive about factors beyond my control, new opportunities always appear.”

Kelly is reluctant to make any definitive predictions for the future but we asked her about the Out of Home industry in general and its evolution.

“The future is so hard to say. I love keeping up-to-date with all the latest technological advances – I definitely need to buy one of those new roll-up TVs. Maybe next year! But in regards to Out of Home, it’s really impressive to see the entire industry thinking about what’s ahead and evolving. We already know Out of Home will continue to grow and integrate with other media, but who knows how future investment will change it. Obviously we’ll soon see the entrance of Global Outdoor and it will be exciting to see what change they will bring, but seeing companies like Netflix and Google already looking to invest in Out of Home shows that the oldest medium really does have the brightest future.”

“I suppose it will also keep me learning” Kelly continues. “My role will continue to change and I’ll have to keep learning, but that’s what I love – my job is never boring.”

Change is what’s kept Kelly at Clear Channel for the past 18 years.

“It’s pretty much exactly half my life!” Kelly laughs. “It almost feels like a new company every few years, but what always stays the same is the people and the culture. It’s obviously a cliché, but we have such a great team and culture at Clear Channel – we have a fantastic senior team, many who have been here for years, and the company isn’t afraid to invest in the people.”

“The introduction of Fairness as one of our core values has also been brilliant to see and, again, it’s something the senior team have really got behind and taken seriously. Over 18 years I’ve seen the big shifts in culture and obviously lots of things can’t just be changed overnight, but it’s great to see people now being more mindful of unconscious biases and the introduction of things such as working with the Brixton Finishing School. It just makes Clear Channel an even better place to work; a place where everyone feels like they can be themselves.”

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