Clear Channel X McCann London celebrate Pride 2024

Clear Channel and McCann London unveil 'Queering the Map' campaign for Pride 2024

04 Jul 2024 / News, Platform for Good
By Clear Channel UK View Author on Twitter
Queering the Map campaign featuring on an Adshel Live screen as pedestrians walk by during the day

Following prominent collaborations such as ‘16th Century Life Expectancy’ for UK Black Pride and ‘Fabruary’ for LGBTQIA+ History Month 2024, we’re partnering with McCann London for our third collaboration, ‘Queering the Map’. 

This campaign takes real pins left by LGBTQIA+ people on the Queering the Map platform and transforms them into unique URL domains. These URLs become the campaign's headlines, capturing the essence of the 'Queering the Map' website – sharing the lived experiences of LGBTQIA+ people.

The raw. The emotional. The genuine. The awkward. The funny. The relatable.

These URLS act as redirects, for example, entering into a search engine will direct users back to Pins are selected from the region where the local pride event is taking place, creating a personal and impactful connection.

“Our Pride campaigns have gone from strength to strength over the years and we’re excited to unveil the 2024 Out of Home campaign that will be running on Clear Channel’s sites across Europe throughout the summer,” said Jason Jarvis, Creative Agency Account Director at Clear Channel. “Partnering with McCann London and Queering the Map has brought us one of our best campaigns yet, showcasing the lived experiences of Queer people around the world with the power of OOH. By sharing pins from Queering the Map that are local to the area the campaign is being displayed, we hope to connect with and support the LGBTQ+ people in a thoughtful yet bold way.”

Ben Conway & Lauryn Raymond, Creative at McCann London added, “LGBTQIA+ experiences are often ‘joy washed’ during pride season, so it was instinctive to use pins from Queering the Map that show the queer experience in all its differences. From the serious to the funny, emotional, embarrassing, and relatable. It’s a side of the community rarely platformed and seen by the wider world and putting that through the lens of utterly obscure website domains is how we hope to get more people to visit Queering the Map, pin, donate and share.”

The campaign's hero launch took place at London Pride and Dublin Pride 2024. It will continue to be displayed across multiple digital Out of Home sites in various cities in the UK and Europe. Executions unique for regional events at Manchester and Brighton Pride will continue throughout the summer, with adaptations rolling out across Europe as well.