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What is Clear Channel LaunchPAD?

LaunchPAD is\nClear Channel's programmatic trading gateway that connects our digital Out\nof Home inventory to SSPs and digital buying platforms. It\nallows advertisers to activate DOOH as part of omni-channel campaigns in\nthe fastest, most flexible way. 

Using\nClear Channel LaunchPAD, campaign planners can access and coordinate\nbuying options across multiple regions and metrics. We\ncan package asset, industry and audience data (including Clear Channel RADAR® optimised planning data available in markets). And through our multiple SSP\npartnerships, we can offer a broad range of inventory to advertisers through\ntheir digital buying platforms for integrated buying and planning. It’s\na dynamic and seamless system that brings all the benefits of the existing planning tool\necosystem together to give Clear Channel’s customers greater management and coordination.

How is LaunchPAD\ndifferent to Clear Channel AdPlatform?

AdPlatform is our\noriginal programmatic ad offering, which we launched several years ago and has\nfacilitated the launch of Clear Channel LaunchPAD. Since that\nlaunch, the data, technology and capability of digital Out of Home has\ndramatically scaled and improved, so we have needed to evolve our strategy and\nour offering.

Clear Channel LaunchPAD\ntakes all the learnings from the Adshel package and provides a more global and\nscaled approach across Europe – providing more opportunities and benefits for\ncustomers across the region.

What are the main\nbenefits of Clear Channel LaunchPAD?

LaunchPAD (and Clear\nChannel’s programmatic approach) offer a range of benefits to advertisers,\nincluding:

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    Access to thousands of public screens

    You can add LaunchPAD to DOOH for a scaled omni-channel storytelling opportunity, with the added convenience of running through existing programmatic buying platforms

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    Complete real-time campaign control

    Advertisers have live control of the scale, location, activation, pacing, targeting, creative, channel, and budgets of the campaign – all based on real-time reporting for enhanced accuracy

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    Trigger-based buying

    Campaign planners can leverage advanced audience, asset and environmental data to ensure their campaigns have contextual relevance and can deliver impact.

Who are Clear\nChannel’s LaunchPAD partners?

Hivestack and\nBroadsign are our primary Clear Channel LaunchPAD SSP partners. As we move\nforward we are continuing to explore additional partners so we can continue\nbroadening our reach and impact.

Where is LaunchPAD\navailable?

Clear\nChannel LaunchPAD will initially be available across 5 markets –\nUK, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Finland. It\nwill be followed quickly by other European markets – Italy, Belgium, France, Scandinavia, and Ireland in 2021. 

Does Clear Channel LaunchPAD work with Clear Channel RADAR®?


Clear Channel are on a mission to Create the Future of Media. A primary part of that goal is enhancing our digital estate, audience understanding, and campaign planning. Data, technology and systems play a core role in helping us deliver more effective solutions for advertisers, so everything we develop is done so in looking to better the Out of Home industry.

That means the audience intelligence delivered in Clear Channel RADAR® where it is live seamlessly integrates into SSPs, available for advertisers through their digital buying platforms via Clear Channel LaunchPAD.

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