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Living Roofs

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Making cities greener, healthier and more biodiverse

Living Roofs, affectionally nicknamed ‘Bee Bus Stops’, have been specially designed in partnership with expert ecologists to support native biodiversity, help create healthier local communities, and bring greenery back into urban areas.

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Supporting bees and pollinators

Living Roofs are planted with a mix of 13 native wildflower and 5 sedum species; selected by experts to aid and support bees and other pollinators, whose numbers have sadly been in decline in recent years.

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Improving local environments

The thoughtfully-designed shelters contribute towards climate resistance, absorb rainwater falling on the roof, help to reduce the ‘Urban Heat Island Effect’, capture particulates from the air, and help make the city a greener and happier place.

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Green Roof Code

The Living Roof has been designed with industry leading experts in accordance with The Green Roof Organisation’s 2021 GRO Green Roof Code – the UK’s industry code of best practice.

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Easy to install and maintain

The modular design can fit almost any configuration of Landmark shelter and takes less than a day to install. Only two annual visits are required for fertilising, weeding and trimming, and the plants only need watering after prolonged dry spells.

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Sustainable design

The purpose-designed roof and tray system, along with the gravel and compost mix, enables deeper roots for healthier flowers long term and maximises climate resilience benefits while minimising maintenance visits for better overall sustainability. The materials used in the Living Roof are 100% recycled or upcycled, UK-sourced where possible, and nothing needs to go to landfill.

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