96-sheet specifications

Supplying Content

All content should be supplied to the content team using the email subject:

[Format] - [Advertiser] - [Brand] - [Product] - [Start Date] - [Contract Number (optional)]
EG: Adshel Live - Mr Smith - SportSmith - Clothes - 29/06/2019 - 412345

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Size: 1,219.2mm x 304.8mm (tenth size)
Safe copy area: 1,139.2mm x 274.8mm
DPI: 300dpi (minimum) / 450dpi (best)
File Type: CMYK
File Format: High Resolution PDF
Text Format: Outlined vectors for upscaling

Full Size: 12,192mm x 3,048mm
Safe Copy Area: 11,392mm x 2,748mm
(Reference only, not for supplying artwork)



Content submission

Please contact your sales representative for delivery details.