Mega 6 digital tower specifications


Size: 360px x 480px portrait File Formats: JPG (RGB) DPI: 72dpi File Size: 30MB or less Copy Length: 10 seconds NOTE: Minimum legible text size is 8px (12px recommended).

General limitations

  • Screens do not emit sound.
  • We can accept subtle motion or static content on most sites (please check with your representative first).
  • When using subtle motion, please also provide a static backup.
  • Adverts must conform to the Advertising Standards Authority Code.
  • All content must comply with our Digital Terms and Conditions.


Content deadlines and delivery

  • 1 creative: 3 days prior to in-charge
  • 2-10 creatives: 7 days prior to in-charge
  • 10+ creatives: Make aware at the earliest opportunity.
  • Direct clients: 2 weeks prior to in-charge
Send content as an attachment or a downloadable link to -