At Clear Channel, research and insight plays an integral part in everything we do.

That’s why we’re continuously investing in new and engaging research that furthers our understanding of the audiences we reach and the impact our Out Of Home (OOH) advertising has on the consumer.


Campaign Optimisation

We invest in numerous data sources to help us understand exactly which audiences are engaging with our sites and when. Through careful analysis and application, we’re able to plan targeted campaigns that ensure your message reaches the right consumer, at the right time, in the right place.


Audience & Environment

At Clear Channel we strive to understand exactly how our audiences behave, think and feel in each and every one of our environments. Our detailed understanding of these environments means that we can provide expert advice on how best to tailor your campaign to maximise the impact of your advertising.


Media Channels

Clear Channel offers a diverse range of OOH advertising sites each capable of achieving very different campaign objectives. Working under the 3 key pillars of Reach, Activation and Fame we seek to understand the effects of our advertising sites and how they work alongside other media channels.

Key research projects

Tackling some of the big questions within the OOH sector and the wider media industry, our proprietary research projects apply the latest research methods and media theory to give unique insights into how media can impact behavioural change.


The Digital Difference

What impact can you expect digital OOH advertising to have on key brand metrics? Will exposure to digital OOH lead to more action? How will digital OOH complement a classic poster campaign?

Based on a nationwide study comprised of over 1,000 face-to-face interviews, The Digital Difference answers all these questions and more.


The Power of Out of Home

As consumers we make hundreds of brand decisions every day, filtering through numerous mental brand shortlists before we ultimately make a purchase decision – but exactly what influence does advertising have on these all important brand decisions? Based on data gathered from over 40,000 respondents and encompassing over a quarter of million media interactions, The Power of Out of Home uncovers the truth behind media’s effect on brand consideration.


Brand Fame: Uncovered

Brand fame, now widely recognised as an essential component in many of the most successful ad campaigns, but what exactly is brand fame and how do you set about achieving it?

Our Brand Fame Uncovered study saw us partner with experts in implicit response testing, Cog Research. Together we produced a ground-breaking study that combined cutting-edge methods with the latest behavioural economics theory to deliver a working definition of ‘brand fame’ and a unique insight into which media channels are best equipped to deliver it.



At Clear Channel we believe that successful ad campaigns reach consumers at those moments that most influence their purchase decisions.

Identifying these moments requires a detailed understanding of exactly how consumers move through the purchase funnel – Clear Channel’s Trace tool provides exactly this information.

Based on a nationwide survey of over 6,000 consumers, Trace recognises a five-stage consumer journey: Being, Starting, Exploring, Buying and Experiencing. Using a simple software interface Trace users navigate through this path and delve deeper into the thoughts, feelings, behaviours and needs of consumers as they pass through.

With a total of 25 different category verticals to explore, each visible through the eyes of thousands of different audience groups, Trace helps you recognise the specific needs of your consumers and identify which media channels will meet these needs.


The Environment Studies

Something we strive to show a deep understanding of here at Clear Channel, is exactly how our audiences behave, think and feel in each and every one of our environments. Reflective of this, The Environment Studies offer a rare glimpse into four diverse advertising situations: high streets, pubs & bars, supermarkets and malls.

Each study draws on information gathered from over 1,000 online surveys and 200 in-situ diaries, and to ensure findings are reflective of real-world Clear Channel audiences, we employed the latest GPS sampling techniques. This enabled us to select respondents based on both their demographic profile and their mobile GPS history – or to be more specific, the fact that they’d all recently been within meters of a Clear Channel advertising site.

Thanks to these cutting-edge research techniques, the resulting studies provide invaluable environment specific insights into key audience groups, their mindset, purchase behaviours, habits and attitudes toward advertising.


Accurate and insightful information is a crucial part of any successful advertising campaign. That’s why we at Clear Channel have invested in a variety of tools, each geared towards providing our clients with actionable information that ensures you get the very best from your advertising spend.


InSite (CACI): Used to refine site selection, this spatial analytics and mapping software is capable of identifying key customer groups, retail zones and store catchment areas across the UK.


Target Group Index (Kantar): The UK’s leading consumer understanding and audience profiling tool. It provides a complete view of consumer motivations, media consumption and engagement, leisure activities and demographics.


Route: The largest GPS study of its kind. Route fuses travel data from over 28,000 people, a mapped network of all the pathways in the country and findings from numerous eye-tracking studies to produce an accurate, site specific, picture of Out of Home audiences across the UK.


Touchpoints (IPA): Providing a detailed view of ‘a week in the life’ of consumer behaviour. Respondents record their activities for every waking half hour over a seven day period, giving a unique view of people’s daily lives and how their media usage fits into these patterns.