Ngens are one of Clear Channel’s audience ‘tribes’. Young, social, connected and passionate about their cities, Ngens are the future of the UK.

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Ngens explained

For the last 12 months Clear Channel has been working with some of the country’s biggest brands, holding in-depth conversations with Ngens through our unique audience insight community. A typical panel would only deliver part of the picture. To truly understand this influential and hard-to-reach audience we set about building a community that would give us deep and rich insights and allow on-going engagement for Clear Channel and our brand partners. Topics included:

  • Shopping, leisure and the changing high street
  • Technology and must-have gadgets
  • Advertising and brands
  • Global issues, politics and trust
  • Neighbourhood and community


Why we're talking to Ngens

Ngens represent the future of the UK. They’re young – aged 18 to 34 – and urban - from eight major UK cities: They live for the moment, and spend much of their time Out of Home. They are highly connected, sociable and influential. Connected: Ngens are tech-savvy and used to documenting their lives through social media. They own at least two internet-enabled devices and tend to check social networks daily. Sociable: Ngens socialise both online – with nearly half using social networks for at least one hour a day – and offline, with two in three Ngens meeting up with friends more than once a week. Influential: Ngens tend to buy new products before most of their friends, while three Ngens in five say they are the person people turn to for advice about consumer technologies, food and drink, holidays and travel, music, gigs, clothes and fashion. All that socialising means Ngens spend 5% more time Out of Home than their peers – that’s 2.5 hours more every fortnight.

Creating the community

Working with our research partners Crowd DNA and Trajectory Partnership, we established a community of 400 Ngens from eight cities. Community members needed to:

  • Be aged between 18 and 34
  • Own at least two of these: a smartphone, tablet, laptop, games console or PC
  • Be an active social networker
  • Be sociable, going out for entertainment, leisure, non-food shopping at least twice a week
They also had to agree with at least two of these statements: “I cannot do without mobile communication” “People ask me for advice before buying new things” “I spend a lot of my spare time with friends”


Our brand partners

Lifestyles, attitudes and behaviours of the community via an exclusive online portal. Insights were also collated in a summary report for each partner.