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M6 Digital Tower Specification

Submitting Artwork

Please email your final artwork 2 weeks prior to the start date to artwork@clearchannel.co.uk, including the contract number and dates they are required. If the file size exceeds 10MB, please visit https://wetransfer.com, a free file sharing website. If the artwork is site specific, please include a clear design instruction when sending over.

[Format] - [Advertiser] - [Brand] - [Product] - [Start Date] - [Contract Number (optional)]


EG: Mega 6 Digital Tower - Mr Smith - SportSmith - Clothes - 29/06/2019 - 412345


Size: 360px x 480px (portrait)
File Format: JPG (RGB) – please note: CMYK files will not display correctly.
DPI: 72dpi
File Size: 30MB or less

NOTE: Minimum legible text size is 8px (12px recommended).

General limitations

  • Screens do not emit sound

  • Adverts must conform to the Advertising Standards Authority Code

  • All content must comply with our Digital Terms and Conditions