Senior Team Highlights of 2018

Senior Team Highlights of 2018

Date Published: 18 December 2018 |

December is a month of reflection, looking back at the successes of the past 12 months and gearing up for a new year. It’s been a good year for OOH and for us in particular, so we asked four of our senior team about their best bits, standout moments and what’s to come in 2019.

Our interviewees are: Byron Hoo, Chief Financial Officer (BH), Aimee McKay, Client Partnership Director (AM), Will Ramage, Chief Investment Officer (WR),and Richard Bon, Chief Revenue Officer (RB)

2018 – a good year?

(BH) Definitely. Looks like we’ll hit our targets again this year and grow profit versus what was already a great year in 2017 – with lots of successes across the business to make this happen.

(AM) A brilliant year. Very proud of our achievements as a business and it was a great few months celebrating a significant birthday!

(WR) Yes, we have renewed or won 46 contracts through the year which have enabled rapid expansion of the industry’s best product Adshel Live.

(RB) A year of ups & downs but what a finish! Almost our best year ever (never mind, let’s make 2019 CC’s best year ever!)

My 2018 highlight

(BH) Our approach to Fairness in the UK and how everyone seems to have got behind it. Richard Bon’s talk on Fairness to the Finance team was the highlight for me – let’s all try to be 5% braver next year.

(AM) Two….. Getting US rap/hip hop singer Dessa to perform to a crowd of clients at our first Socialite Presents event. And cycling with Sir Bradley Wiggins and our clients with our friends at Le Col.

(WR) Adshel Live becoming the largest outdoor digital network of its type in the UK.

(RB) 2018 WinnerDIMA – Advocate for equality in marketing & media (Diversity In Media &Advertising).

Campaign of the Year

(BH) Keep Britain Tidy’s Don’t be a T***er – A uniquelyBritish way to get an important message out there.

(AM) O2 Oops & Stuck – a fantastic campaign thatutilised Reach, Activate and Fame to the max. And successfully went on to win20+ awards.

(WR) Camelot Lotto Countdown.

(RB) Tough call but probably has to Budweiser World Cup on Adshel Live for Activation (just ahead of Rolex on the Cromination)

Surprise of the year

(BH) England winning a penalty shootout.

(AM) A never-ending summer!

(WR) How strong and united the Outdoor industry has been, despite chaos of Brexit.

(RB) La France – Champion du Monde ?

Biggest ambition for 2019

(BH) England winning two World Cups…

(AM) To enter at least two half ironman events and two half marathons. Healthy body = healthy mind.

(WR) Make Billboards great again.

(RB) Kaizen mindset both at home and work (a Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement)

Biggest Challenge for OOH and media in 2018

(BH) The economy and consumer confidence.

(AM) Brexit…

(WR) Economy.

(RB) Uncertainty leading to short termism…

2018’s hero

(BH) Gareth Southgate.

(AM) Sir David Attenborough. He has changed the way people view plastics. Legend.

(WR) Unai Emery.

(RB) My wife, Kate Bon. For everything she is & everything she is not! (+ putting up with me)

2018’s villain

(BH) Hard to see beyond Donald Trump…

(AM) The person/people who stole my car from outside of my flat.

(WR) Arsene Wenger.

(RB) Brexit & Juncker

TV/Film highlight

(BH) The Bodyguard.

(AM) Informer.

(WR) Fury Wilder.

(RB) I only consume OOH!

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