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A Question of Sport?

A case study on Out of Home sports advertising

01  The summer of sport

OOH's impact around sporting occasions

Summer has arrived, bringing with it a variety of sporting occasions that will capture the nation's attention. Through the power of Out of Home (OOH) advertising, brands can connect with audiences on a deeper level, aligning with the core values of these events to create lasting connections with fans.

02  Sport is everywhere

Develop the winning strategy

The impact of sports is truly remarkable and regardless of the season or year, there's always at least one major sporting event captivating the nation. From the thunderous roars of football stadiums and the sleek speedways of Formula 1 to the awe-inspiring feats of Olympic athleticism, sports have become an integral part of our lives. And now your brand can step into the arena.

By choosing to advertise OOH during major sporting events, your brand is not just making the right choice; it’s making a winning play.

So, to the question of Sport… Why?

The popularity of sports knows no bounds. Sporting tournaments have spent years, or even generations building a legacy of unique traits and forming an unwavering relationship with their loyal fans. All this hard work forms the foundation of their own DNA and identity. When brands connect themselves to these sporting events, they can borrow the events’ iconic traits and integrate them into their own brand identity.



of the UK watched sport on TV *


NatWest's Olympic themed creative with their iconic brand colour (purple) that features positive and inclusive representation of current Team GB medallist Asha Philip
03  Sports advertising study

OOH x Sporting Events

As we dive into the Question of Sport, our research looks to prove that OOH is an effective tool for branding and activation. Taking a glance back at two sporting occasions (Wimbledon and FIFA's Women's World Cup), we analyse the effects brands are rewarded with by aligning themselves with these events' iconic reputations. Brands are scoring big, becoming fan favourites, and influencing real time decisions.



of sports viewers notice brands surrounding sporting events

Scoring Big

Every sporting event embodies a distinctive set of values that are unique and are part of their DNA. By capturing the spirit of these events in their advertising, brands can lean on their reputable values to transform consumer perceptions of their brand.

Our study explored how brands that advertised around Wimbledon and the Women's World Cup were able to piggyback on these events, adopting and integrating the event's values into their own identity. 

04  Sporting associations

Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 core values and associations for both Wimbledon and the Women’s World Cup.

05  The impact of OOH on aligning brands to these sporting events

See how respondents perceived brands to fit against the event's core traits.

Pimm's Wimbledon campaign showcasing friends in the park enjoying a refreshing drink of Pimm's.

Fan Favourites

Inheriting the positive brand identity of an event has a ripple effect, increasing your brand liking. Having seen OOH sports advertising, respondents demonstrated a favourable shift in brand perceptions and increased affinity among audiences.



Increase in brand liking after seeing a brand advertise OOH specific content related to a sporting event

Adidas' large format OOH advertisement on our Storm Fulham Broadway site promoting their new shoes in partnership with an England Women's football team superstar

Game-time Decisions

When audiences can experience an authentic bond with your brand's values, this is a key driver in increasing brand usage. Also, a powerful activation tool, OOH can add another immersive element during these exciting occasions. Surrounded by compelling posters, consumers are motivated to embrace your brands exclusively during tournament periods.



increase in brand usage by respondents who saw an OOH ad from the surveyed brands

Next up on the scoreboard

Beyond Wimbledon and the World Cup lie many opportunities for brands in 2024 to align with upcoming sporting occasions. From the Olympics to the Euros and the Champions League Final, brands can tap into the cultural and historical significance of these events.

The Olympics offers brands the opportunity to align with values of excellence and unity. By advertising on Out of Home, brands can use the event's DNA and prestige to connect with consumers in the real world as they follow the action and hope for gold.

Eager to jump the gun on your competition? Have a sneak peek at the 5 key associations for the three major upcoming sporting events…

Source: Clear Channel Sports Advertising Survey Jul - Sept 2023

08  Competition Winner

*Update April 5th: The prize was won by Jasmine of London.

Score BIG with OOH

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