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Why Out of Home?

A media channel that competes with and complements others...

A media channel that competes with and complements others...

When it comes to advertising, brand building and activation are two terms that are used a lot. Brand building is all about priming all potential customers to put you front of mind, whereas activation, is about driving people to take an action. According to marketing effectiveness experts, Les Binet and Peter Field, it's a blend of the two that is the most effective way to optimise your marketing activity.  

01  Build your brand
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Out of Home advertising is proven to be an effective marketing channel for both Brand, through its ability to deliver large Reach, as well as the flexibility for Activation campaigns.

With thousands of sites across the UK, reaching 93% of UK adults fortnightly, Clear Channel has the national scale to deliver as an effective Platform for Brands that is trusted and safe.




* Route v34

02  Drive action
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Driving action requires targeting likely buyers when they’re primed and in the market, leveraging the equity built through branding activity.

With the growth of digital, we have over 3,750 screens that provide the flexibility for brands to activate campaigns that drive people to take decisive actions, such as visit a store, go online, or make a purchase. We’re present across the UK’s top retail centres. 



Uplift in sales*

* Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

03  OOH research and insight

Proving OOH's effectiveness

A collection of industry studies that add robust evidence to why Out of Home should be a key consideration in media planning.

The Moment for Trust

This latest insight investigates the importance of brand trust and why it increases the likelihood of brand engagement. It explores how public media, particularly Out of Home advertising, are successful channels for delivering credibility, as well as how building trust through OOH drives brand consideration. 

  • Consumers are 36% more likely to engage with brands they trust. 

  • 1 in 3 say they trust Out of Home 

The Moments of Truth

The Moments of Truth research highlights how contextually relevant OOH advertising increases consumer brain response, ad recall, brand/creative rating, and sales response. 

  • +17% uplift in ad recall

  • + 16% in sales effects

Retail Occasions

There are nine retail events that attract £37bn and growing a year in consumer spend. Explore our series of Retail Occasions insights to find out how you can tap into this opportunity using our OOH portfolio.  

  • £37bn of consumer spend up for grabs. 

  • Equates to 11% of all total retail spend.

04  Advertising through Covid-19
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Understanding your audience

It’s critical to understand how audience behaviour across the UK has changed due to Covid-19. We've invested in market-leading mobile data, delivering regular, up-to-date insights on the latest consumer mobility, mindsets and trends to help advertisers make informed planning decisions.