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Clear Channel's Storm Cromination screen featuring Belvedere Vodka campaign with passing traffic

OOH Advertising

Advertise your business and connect with valuable audiences through one of the UK’s leading outdoor advertising companies.

There’s no better way to broadcast your brand message than by advertising in public spaces. Whether it’s using our market leading Adshel network or modern digital formats, the Out of Home medium is truly unmissable, making it the perfect platform for boosting brand visibility and increasing engagement on a local, regional, and national scale.

Our Out of Home (OOH) advertising portfolio offers brands and agencies an innovative and flexible approach to reaching audiences and objectives. Keep reading to find out more about the options available.

Digital Adshel Live screen featuring an Etsy knitting advert with a red bus driving past in the background
01  A Platform for Brands

Why OOH advertising?

Out of Home is one of the world’s oldest advertising mediums but, thanks to continuous innovation, it’s just as relevant as ever.

One of the biggest benefits of OOH is that it’s experienced beyond the confines of the home. Being seen against the backdrop of the ‘real’ world helps brands to forge a sense of legitimacy, with studies showing a 26% (The Moment for Trust, 2021) improvement in trust when OOH is included in a multimedia campaign. This is one of the reasons why OOH is the most effective channels for delivering a positive perception to audiences (Talon Benchmark Study).

Research also shows that OOH can uplift conversions across multiple channels. Exposure to OOH leads to a 28% increase for in-store purchases and a 56% increase in online purchases (Posterscope Effectiveness Database, 2016-2020I). Mobile searches outside the home are 38% more likely to lead to a purchase than those at home, presenting further opportunities for advertisers to trigger sales using OOH (The Point of Search, 2023).



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02  Our formats
03  Environments

Our advertising environments

Selecting the right advertising environment is key to maximising brand exposure and activating audiences in the moment. Improve your brand’s visibility and impact by capitalising on retail, roadside or transit surroundings.

High streets

High street advertising reaches millions of people as they shop, eat and socialise.


Motorists and pedestrians, commuters and leisure-seekers – advertise roadside to reach diverse audiences at scale.

Train stations

Have your brand greet audiences on arrival with train station advertising.


Supermarket advertising allows brands to influence buyers at the point of purchase.

Shopping malls

Improve brand consideration and activate audiences looking to spend by advertising in shopping centres.

04  UK coverage

Find advertising locations

As one of the UK’s largest OOH media owners, we have advertising locations across every region in the country. Our nationwide coverage enables businesses to target audiences strategically and build scalable campaigns at both local and national level. Start your OOH campaign journey with our interactive Campaign Builder and see how impactful your campaign can be.

Adshel Live screen in London with two red buses driving past, featuring a bright Garnier advert
05  Why Clear Channel?

Why advertise your business with Clear Channel?

Clear Channel has long been at the forefront of Out of Home, innovating and creating alongside the brands we work with. Our decades-long expertise and national network of outdoor media make us perfectly placed to facilitate and guide OOH advertising campaigns.

As a Platform for Brands, we provide a powerful, flexible and measurable advertising medium. As a Platform for Good, we go above and beyond to ensure that we’re serving communities and building environmentally responsible infrastructure at every level of our business.

06  Be inspired

Iconic Out of Home advertising campaigns

OOH is one of the oldest forms of advertising, dating back thousands of years, however the medium of Outdoor advertising has evolved, offering more creative solutions including 3D special builds, engaging interactive ads and digital screens that can display dynamic content.

Thanks to sites like New York’s Times Square and London’s Piccadilly Circus, there are few forms of media that offer such an iconic format as OOH - here's two of our favourites!

Gary Lineker inside a Clear Channel screen as part of the famous Walkers campaign

Walkers - Tweet to Eat

As part of their ‘Do Us a Flavour’ campaign, Walkers installed tweet-activated vending machines in selected locations around London. Using modified bus shelter advertising, the vending machines generated social traction by encouraging viewers to tweet in exchange for a packet of crisps. 

BBC - Dracula

Proof that creativity doesn’t require flashy technology, the BBC’s campaign to promote their three-part Dracula series made an incredible impact without a screen in sight. The bespoke billboard used a number of wooden stakes arranged so that Dracula’s shadow would appear when lit from a certain angle.

07  Contact form

Start advertising your business today

Out of Home is a tried and trusted method for reaching large and diverse audiences and the new wave of DOOH formats has expanded our network's offering - enabling you to amplify your brand's message with data-driven campaigns.

Our position as market leaders ensures that we can provide expert guidance on choosing the right formats, locations and environments to deliver tangible results. Fill out the form to start your OOH advertising journey with Clear Channel.