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OOH Advertising

Through constant product innovation, we find innovative ways for brands to connect with people whilst Out of Home.

01  A Platform for Brands

Out of Home is one of the world’s oldest advertising mediums. Find out why it’s still as relevant as ever.



Displays nationwide




* Route v34

02  Our Media


From Adshel bus shelters and classic billboards, to premium digital Out of Home advertising screens and more, we are proud to be a Platform For Brands.

03  Our Work

A touch of magic

Creativity, imagination, innovation, and ideas. Clear Channel’s Create department deliver unmissable, unskippable, award-winning Out of Home advertising.

04  Smarter than ever

Data and insights are a crucial part of any successful advertising campaign. We have invested heavily in tools geared towards providing our clients with actionable information to plan and deliver great Out of Home campaigns.


Clear Channel RADAR®

Harness real world consumer behaviour and the flexibility of Out of Home with Clear Channel RADAR®, the proprietary mobile data platform that brings near real-time granularity to audience planning against Clear Channel’s portfolio.


The largest GPS study of its kind. Route fuses travel data from over 28,000 people, a mapped network of all the pathways in the country and findings from numerous eye-tracking studies to produce an accurate, site-specific picture of Out of Home audiences across the UK.

InSite (CACI)

Used to refine site selection, this spatial analytics and mapping software is capable of identifying key customer groups, retail zones, and store catchment areas across the UK.

Target Group Index (Kantar)

The UK’s leading consumer understanding and audience profiling tool. It provides a complete view of consumer motivations, media consumption and engagement, leisure activities and demographics.


Identifying moments across a purchase journey requires a detailed understanding of exactly how consumers move through the purchase funnel. Trace helps you recognise the specific needs of your consumers and identify which advertising channels will meet these needs.