Ashford Mills – Making An Impact

Ashford Mills – Making An Impact

Date Published: 24 May 2019 |

With a role that offers wide variety, Assistant Project Manager Ashford Mills, considers himself lucky to be in a broad, yet busy role. Despite his packed schedule, he took the time to discuss the various projects he’s involved with, including those supporting the company’s Fairness value, and benefiting the environment and local communities.

“It’s amazing to now be working in a company that is constantly growing and changing,” Ashford says. “I feel this industry is definitely one of the most interesting I’ve ever worked in. In a previous job, I actually worked on a research project involving shopping centres and the positive effects of digital Out of Home within the malls, which initially made me aware of the work Clear Channel was doing.”

“As the industry continues to develop, and digital continues to accelerate, so do the projects we work on. It’s satisfying to see how, not only the way we sell, but also the way we plan is getting quicker and quicker, and we often have much more to offer in ways of a digital strategy.”

As projects accelerate, Ash explains how this now opens up new opportunities to work on projects that are much more ambitious, and ultimately rewarding.

“A series of projects we’re currently working on with the Programme Management Office Team are called ‘Make the Difference’ projects, and look at the ways in which Clear Channel can actively benefit the environment and local communities. We wanted to treat these projects differently, and put an emphasis on speed when it came to planning. We knew we’d have to address different issues as we progressed, but we decided to tackle these as they come, and that it was better to just get the projects started and keep momentum. As a result, we knew this might result in specific objectives falling away, but we decided it was more important for the overall ambitious project to progress and ultimately make a difference.”

“One of these exciting projects we’re working on is a beach cleaning project. This idea came from an internal plastic-use survey we did across our Clear Channel offices, and noticing the shifting public opinion regarding the effects of plastic in the sea, we decided an effective response would be a project that actively reduced plastic waste, as well as helping the local community. The project actually employs previously homeless people to work on the beach recycling the plastic, so we are working closely with local charities and councils to ensure our project can also help tackle the important issue of homelessness.”

It is projects like this, and a willingness from the company to take the first step engaging in important issues, that makes Ash proud to work for Clear Channel.

“I definitely feel like as a company Clear Channel is leading the way in terms of committing to get actively engaged with communities, and work with others on different issues – I would say the company has strong values and an ethos. The Fairness initiatives are another good example – I don’t feel like Clear Channel is just paying lip service; they are actually responsive to people’s suggestions and commit to things.”

“I’m involved with a number of different projects and groups helping promote diversity and strengthen the value of Fairness. I help with the Brixton Finishing School partnership that provides young people with opportunities to launch careers in the media industry, and I’m involved with a working group running projects celebrating Black History Month. Rather than just focusing on October, this working group actually successfully plans events and campaigns throughout the year.”

Ultimately, Ash says it’s his project management skills that mean he can help make such an added contribution to Fairness initiatives and projects with strong social benefits.

“I’m lucky that project management is a very transferable skill”, Ash explains, “but also that Clear Channel is so committed to projects that are so much more than just advertising, and actually have a social benefit to communities. I think one of the most important keys to project management is always impact, and in so many different ways, that’s something Clear Channel is always committed to making.”

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