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Monitoring the return of UK audiences back to Out of Home | Powered by Clear Channel RADAR®

The  Out of Home Audience Hub  has been specifically designed to keep advertisers and media planners as informed as possible about Clear Channel's audience delivery. Powered by the huge dataset behind Clear Channel RADAR®, we’re closely monitoring mobile data to provide granular insights of changing movement and behaviours, as well as further insight on attitudes and mindsets.

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Advertisers are leveraging the Out of Home Audience Hub data, and improved industry trading terms, to plan smart outdoor campaigns across our portfolio. Clear Channel Radar®’s market leading methodology is delivering insight into change consumer behaviour patterns.

What’s so good about the methodology? We’re analysing data of ~7m devices, around 10% of all of the devices in the UK, with all of the data GDPR compliantly anonymised and aggregated. The granularity of our data means we can detect exposure to each of our panels, rather than broadly mapped areas, accurately monitoring and understanding the volume of audience exposure to our portfolio and environments.