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photo of lots of people on a highstreet shopping, riding bicyles and in a taxi

Audience Planning

Whether you’re looking to grow your customer base by harnessing OOH’s unrivalled reach or focusing in on a specific group to give them that all important final nudge. We offer a host of resources to make your audience planning as simple and effective as possible. 

We believe that good audience planning boils down to 2 simple things: 

  • Identifying the consumers you need to influence 

  • Understanding where, when and how to influence them 

Getting to grips with these two critical questions has never been easier thanks to our dedicated Campaign Planning team and our extensive suite of Smart Planning tools. So, whether you’re just starting your journey and want to chat things through or if you’re simply desperate for the latest audience data to refine your existing plans, we have something for you.  

Clear Channel RADAR®

Our proprietary data platform providing granular audience insights of changing movement and behaviours.

OOH Audience Hub

Keeping advertisers and media planners informed about Clear Channel's audience delivery, behaviours and mindsets.

Retail Occasions

Easy access to occasion-specific intelligence on consumers’ attitudes and shopping behaviour from Valentine’s Day to Christmas.