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Smart Planning Tools

Data and insight are an essential part of any successful advertising campaign. That’s why we’ve brought together a suite of tools geared toward providing our clients with actionable insights that make OOH planning as easy and effective as possible.

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Clear Channel RADAR©

RADAR® is our proprietary mobile data platform. Based on handset data from around 10% of all UK adults this tool can identify specific audiences based on: demographics, historic visits to specific POI’s, online browsing histories or brand affinities. Once you have chosen a specific target audience, RADAR will then pick out the poster sites that they are most likely to engage with, minimising wastage and ensure your message reaches a relevant audience.



The largest GPS study of its kind. Route gathers movement data from over 28,000 people and overlays it against a mapped network of all potential pedestrian and vehicular pathways in the UK. This forms the basis for understanding exactly how many people pass our poster sites. Those total potential audience figures are then factored down, according to evidence from multiple eye-tracking studies, to give a true account of audiences based on the actual likelihood of them looking at a specific poster.

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The UK’s leading consumer understanding and audience profiling tool. Based on a panel of over 24,000 British adults and released on a monthly basis. It offers a complete view of consumer motivations, media consumption and engagement, leisure activities and demographics.

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Our proprietary insight tool explores the average consumer purchase journey across 60 different product types. Exploring everything from purchase triggers and brand preferences to media influence and consumer needs. Fuelled by Nielsen survey data, Trace provides an understanding of why consumers make decisions and how you can influence them.