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Improve your brand with Digital Out of Home advertising

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising is a powerful tool that enables brands to reach their target audience in an effective and budget-friendly way.

The medium offers many brand-building benefits which make it an attractive proposition for marketers. Let’s explore how you can improve your brand with Digital Out of Home advertising.

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What is Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising?

Digital Out of Home advertising is a marketing channel that uses digital displays outside the home to show promotional materials to customers. Most people will have come across billboards and digital signage in their everyday lives, potentially without realising it.  

Shopping centres, airports and other high-traffic places are popular locations for DOOH screens. But DOOH media can be found almost anywhere outside of the home, including in bars, on public transport and roadside.

DOOH elevates the traditional Out of Home experience through the use of interactive and dynamic content, which static posters can’t provide. The stages of grabbing your audience’s attention, engaging them with your brand message and then activating them to purchase are streamlined with the unique benefits that DOOH brings.

How to improve your brand with Digital Out of Home

There are several ways to improve your brand’s reach and power with Digital Out of Home. Here are the best tips to get started.

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1. Create engaging content

The best adverts are those that catch your eye and keep your attention. The creative options available with DOOH make this an easier task, whether that means including motion, dynamic messaging or interactive features.

The more interactive and relevant an ad is to the person standing in front of it, the more it feels like a conversation and less like a one-sided sales pitch. If you tailor your ad to your audience and open up a two-way line of communication, they will engage with it like they would a conversation.

Even without fancy data or features, DOOH’s creative power alone is enough to engage customers. For example, subtle motion is an elegant way of giving your creative a little extra pizzazz, while rotating slides can help turn an image into a story.

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2. Incorporate other channels

OOH has proven itself to be the most effective offline medium for supporting online activity. It boosts online engagement more than any other medium, and similar uplifts can be found when OOH is used in tandem with other channels.

Research shows that for Gen Z and Millennials, the purchase journey takes place across a combination of physical and digital channels. For these groups especially, coordinated campaigns that reinforce messaging at multiple touchpoints will deliver a seamless customer experience.

Digital Out of Home can be integrated with social media through the use of interactive ad content, such as a QR code that takes you to a branded Instagram filter. Brands can therefore amplify their reach through customers engaging and conversing online.  

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3. Make use of real-time updates

Digital Out of Home allows for real-time updates to adverts and campaign parameters. Advertisers can change the copy instantly to reflect changes in the environment.

For example, if you’re a coffee shop owner, then you might purchase the morning slot on a digital screen around the corner from your premises. Most days, the advert reads ‘Only 30 seconds till your next caffeine hit’, with an arrow pointing in your direction. But on days when it’s raining, your advert is programmed to swap the messaging to: ‘Shelter from the rain with a hot coffee’.

Contextual relevance creates the perception of a brand that’s tuned into their customers’ needs – and increases the advert’s effectiveness by 17%.

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4. Measure your success

Tracking performance provides you with the key insights needed to understand a campaign’s success. But, deeper than that, it gives you valuable insights into what is and isn’t working.

This could trigger a change in campaign strategy and its implementation. Or, if these insights indicate a basic problem in a product, service or promotion, you can work backward to fix the problem at its source.

Making tweaks on the grounds of new audience intelligence is necessary for brands that want to be agile, relevant and successful.  

Whether you’re a small business looking to reach local customers or a large corporation with a national presence, DOOH can help you to achieve your marketing goals.

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