Campaigns I love

Rush Adshel Live
25 November 2013


Movies are synonymous with out-of-home. A fantastic notice board to showcase the latest and greatest movies, a sign post to what is good at your local cinema.

Studio Canal recently promoted the 70’s F1 movie Rush through out-of-home. The main push of their activity was on Adshel, the roadside 6-sheet product. They played to the ubiquitous nature of this product, benefiting from massive reach and high frequency. Walking around London and driving around the home counties it was everywhere and impossible to miss.

The reason I love this campaign was not just that it dominated the UK’s high streets, but that the creative was so compelling. So many advertisers get it wrong with far too much detail. Studio Canal got it absolutely right. A simple message about the film with a strong visual of the main characters.

A great movie promoted through Adshel. Everywhere with a simple creative message is perfect broadcast out-of-home. No wonder Rush was a box office smash!

Advertiser: Studio Canal
Media Agency: Target Media
Specialist: Posterscope

Ged Weston
Agency Director, Clear Channel UK

Nandos parallel 6-sheet
18 November 2013


I’ve always been a fan of Nando’s, as it has more personality than so many other fast food joints. Part of it is the lively atmosphere, and part of it is the uniquely devilish peri-peri sauce which challenges you to new levels of “hot”.

So it’s no surprise to see a cheeky-chappy approach coming out in the 6 sheet advertising for the new Nando’s loyalty card. This pokes gentle fun at the other purveyors of high street fare, notably Starbucks and its skinny mocha frappe chocca chino.

It’s all delivered in a lively typeface, white out of a fiery orange background, so passing all the readability and contrast tests.

Branding is clear, and with this particular ad being bang opposite the Nando’s in Baker St, a joy of proximity placement. Job done!

Advertiser: Nando’s
Media Agency: Arena Media
Specialist: Posterscope

Mike Baker
CEO, Outdoor Media Centre

Paddy Power 48-sheet
7 November 2013

Paddy Power

There’s so much variety in out-of-home advertising today but for all the digital developments in scale, content and flexibility, good creativity remains the essential component on the medium. In this campaign, the combination of large format localised planning, a highly targeted and mischievous brand campaign with outdoor at its heart, is something that truly stands out.

Paddy Power’s communication stands out in a very competitive marketplace, with a genuine combination of brand presence, positioning and edge by talking directly to its audience in a language and context that rips through the consciousness.

The ‘Ball of Shame’ campaign rewards fans for injustices suffered by their football clubs and some of the controversies within the top-flight game. Free bets and money-back offers are communicated along with local messaging that has referenced Mourinho’s return, Suarez’s biting tendency and Papiss Cisse’s stand against his club’s sponsor.

Large format sites have been used in close proximity to relevant football grounds. Outdoor is a great companion to the integrated marketing campaign that is borne out of pure mischief-making and a great addition to the landscape of out-of-home.

Advertiser: Paddy Power
Campaign: Ball of Shame
Media Agency: M2M
Specialist: Talon

Nick Mawditt
Director of Insight and Marketing, Talon

Paddy Power
Chanel parallel 6-sheet
21 October 2013


Chanel’s latest Adshel campaign for Bleu De Chanel really stood out for me.  The eye-catching, uncluttered creative, featuring an unfeasibly handsome chap, really added some seasonal glamour to central London’s Autumnal streets.

Now darkness has descended upon my daily commute, the illuminated Adshel screens really brought these stunning posters to life for me. As one of Chanel’s media partners, it is easy to understand why I genuinely noticed the Bleu de Chanel campaign. They are impressively meticulous.

Aside from creative that would not look out of place in any premium fashion title, the posters are in all the right places. That is hand-selected locations which greet targeted audiences in premium contexts. Clearly, I must be one of those AB males they are keen to engage! They are also in close proximity retailers that stock Blue De Chanel. Beautiful and smart.

As Sales Director of Clear Channel, I believe our role boils down to ‘hosting conversations’ with the public. I love it when advertisers grab the opportunity to demonstrate how engaging these conversation can be.

Advertiser: Chanel
Campaign: Bleu de Chanel
Media agency: MEC
Specialist: Kinetic

Martin Corke
Sales Director, Clear Channel UK