We have more than 4,000 billboards throughout the UK that give advertisers a big and beautiful platform to create stunning advertising, helping build brands and drive sales through high-impact, large-format sites.

Billboards Map


Tell your story on our network of 4,000 billboards in key areas throughout the UK. Many of our panels are illuminated, highlighting campaigns for 24 hours a day, and offer unmistakeable impact and brand stand-out.


  • All our billboards are in areas with a population of over 25,000
  • Different sizes and formats to suit advertisers’ needs
  • Our panels are in key locations throughout the UK and are seen by millions of people
  • They are perfect for large-scale or targeted campaigns


Banners and Mega 6-sheets

Create unmistakable impact on our Mega and Banner billboards and target your audiences in premium locations nationwide. Each Mega 6-sheet is viewed at least 15 million times per fortnight and our Banner billboards generate almost 35 million impressions every two weeks.


  • Our Mega 6-sheets in key cities, including Birmingham, London and Manchester, are viewed at least 15 million times every two weeks
  • Our Halo Mega 6-sheets frame adverts with high-impact, bespoke LED lighting
  • Our Banners in major cities and key urban roads, including London Bridge, Western Avenue on the A4 and Central Hall in Birmingham, generate almost 7 million impressions every fortnight

How to buy

National sales

Big brands looking for national cover or national targeting

020 7478 2200


We can offer ‘off-the-shelf’ campaigns across all of our formats for big brands who want to blanket cover the UK. With our People and Places approach, we can help put together bespoke packages to strategically target people and places with our flexible targeting campaigns.

Direct sales

Small and medium companies looking to advertise in a particular region of the UK

0845 450 8421


If you would like to buy an individual poster size or a small amount of sizes in a specific location we have sales executives in every major town across the UK to deal with your local enquiries.

International sales

If you’re located outside the UK and wish to purchase panels within the UK

020 7478 2321

RocioCabeza@clearchannel.com & KatharinaAbraham@clearchannel.com

We have a team dedicated to helping international advertisers plan campaigns in any area of the UK. For further information on international sales please take a look at www.clearchannelinternational.com