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A bus shelter seat.

Superior products

We prioritise consistent improvement for the environment, people, and communities we serve.

A philosophy, not just a process

We want to streamline processes wherever possible; this means optimising our entire product life cycle using flexibility and customisations to meet any need. We work hard to place sustainability at the heart of everything we do, designing for purpose, people, and places. From enhancing the bus user experience to improving biodiversity to helping shoppers find your food court, or something entirely bespoke- we have the right product for you.

A Adshel Live screen with a air quality sensor in barking and dagenham.

Designing for purpose

We must listen to our partners to understand and react to local and national challenges. Whether it's our wayfinding products or tackling biodiversity loss, our job is to find the right solution for your community. Designed with purpose, people and places in mind, all our products are customised for maximum use and minimum disruptions to daily life.

Designing for people

All our products are designed to be seen and used by everyone. We consider the needs and experiences of all users to ensure our designs are inclusive regardless of abilities or disabilities, with additional measures for safety and emergencies considered.  

Offering a comprehensive approach to user satisfaction, we provide a range of digital and static information solutions for use throughout journeys. We prioritise passenger comfort and safety by tailoring weather protection in bus shelters to suit local conditions, which includes anticipating the challenges posed by climate change such as rising temperatures and increased rainfall. Additionally, to ensure efficient issue resolution, we facilitate quick reporting of faults and damages through clear methods and QR code accessibility. 

This is why we collaborate with users and industry organisations to ensure that we’re always conducting business in a way that benefits your communities.

A living roof bus shelter with artwork.

Designing for places

Our products are durable and sustainable, incorporating features to withstand weather, climate change, and vandalism. Through our robust manufacturing and the use of corrosion-resistant materials, our products maintain consistent performance over their operational lifespan, even in challenging environments. With emphasis on ease of maintenance, repair, and refurbishment, our products minimise the need for replacements reducing both carbon footprint and overall costs. 

Quality and safety in our products

We strictly comply with all applicable regulations, standards, and guidelines, such as the 18th Edition, Eurocodes, and European CE marking, to guarantee the quality and safety of our products. Our advertising displays are multifunctional, maximising space and minimising clutter, while also conforming to UK ILP illumination guidelines to reduce light pollution and disruption.