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Circular product development

Sustainability is a fundamental aspect of our product development.

Our approach to the product life cycle

By using Life Cycle Assessments, we evaluate, measure, and minimise our environmental impact at every stage. This approach aligns with the principles of the circular economy, where we focus on refusing new materials, reducing waste, reusing items, repurposing old products, and recycling whenever possible.

01  More value for communities

Less impact on the planet

For over 55 years, we've been dedicated to installing and maintaining bus shelters, some of which have stood strong for as long as 20 years. With a committed team to ensure they're clean, presentable, and in good working order for the public, some of these shelters still require a little extra care from time to time.  

With our Clear Channel Revive project, we aim to breathe new life into existing bus shelters, extending their lifespan by up to another 10 years and achieving a remarkable 94% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

In just days, our expert team can transform shelters using recycled parts and upcycling where possible, minimising waste and costing a fraction of what a new shelter would.