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Green Products

Across Europe, municipalities are looking for ways to make a positive impact on their communities and we're on the same page.

Making a real Impact on Communities

Whether it’s reducing air pollution, improving mobility, preserving biodiversity, enhancing climate resilience, or achieving carbon reduction targets, we share these aspirations and are dedicated to realising these objectives alongside you.

Doing good is in our DNA

Our range of Products for Good products are crafted from years of expertise, solid research, and expert endorsement. These products are designed with sustainability, cost efficiency, low environmental impact, and maximum effectiveness in mind. 

Our green infrastructure offerings, like Living Roofs and Vertical Meadows, play a vital role in supporting biodiversity by providing habitats for essential wildlife and strengthening urban resilience to climate change. Already in place in over 15 cities across the UK, our infrastructure meets the highest standards, including full compliance with the GRO Code 2021. Using the latest technology, our products also help enhance mobility and purify the air around them. 

Commitment to a sustainable future

Every one of our products reflects our deep commitment to environmental sustainability. This commitment runs through everything we do—from purchasing choices and innovative research to developing new materials, manufacturing processes, and installation methods. We're dedicated to making every aspect of our business support a greener, more sustainable future. 

We recognise our responsibility to the planet and our potential to make a difference. As a Platform for Good, we constantly seek ways to support the public, the environment, and organisations working for the greater good.