Clear Channel Partnerships: Aligning with Your Priorities | Clear Channel
Bus driving infront of a billboard live for Windrush

How we work

We have a refreshingly honest and collaborative approach, which is built into our business mission and purpose.

FSU of a campaign we did with students from UWE

Our purpose, your priorities

As a half infrastructure, half media owner business, we have a simple mission. To add more value to communities, have more impact for brands, all with less impact on the planet.

And these goals are repeatedly at the forefront of our conversations with out landlords and partners.

We work closely with you to fund useful, well-maintained, and environmentally conscious infrastructure for the benefit of the public, as well as supporting social and community initiatives.  

A living roof bus shelter in Dartford

Our purpose is good for everyone

We know how important it is to partner with organisations that take their commitments and responsibilities seriously.

A good partner is constantly looking to reduce their environmental impact and help you with your challenges. They should add experience and value end-to-end, with knowledge and experience. They know what they’re doing and always ensure they’re doing it the right way.

These things are the foundation of how we do business.