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A living roof bus shelter in Leicester.

Supporting sustainability goals

We are committed to being Carbon Net Zero by 2030. We're leading the way with projects and initiatives focused on sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

One of our operatives standing next to a Ford hybrid vehicle.

Reducing our impact on the planet

Since 2008, we've decreased our carbon footprint by an impressive 89%, thanks to the efforts of our people behind the posters, who have been at the forefront of this mission for over two decades. 

Reaching our Carbon Net Zero goals requires every single department working together. Taking a unified approach has led to our entire paper estate being upgraded to energy-efficient LED lighting. We've successfully diverted almost all our waste from landfill, and we exclusively purchase renewable energy across our operations.



reduction in carbon footprint

Reaching our Carbon Net Zero goals requires a unified approach across every department.

One of our operatives standing next to a Ford hybrid vehicle.

Our operations

We're switching to renewable electricity, cutting down on waste, and boosting our recycling efforts. We're also upgrading our company vehicles to low or zero emission models, conserving water, and using biodegradable cleaning products for our bus shelters. These changes help us reduce maintenance, site visits, and paper use.

A living roof bus shelter in Leicester.

Transforming our estate

We're putting up new recyclable bus shelters, adding Living Roofs and Vertical Meadows, and installing solar-powered courtesy lighting. Our digital screens are now more energy-efficient, and we were the first in the industry to widely use LED tubes in Adshel Classic panels, cutting CO2 emissions by 60%.

A operative inside our Dartford depo working on a Adshel poster.

Our premises

We've installed LED lights in our offices and depots, set up rainwater collection systems, and launched green initiatives for our staff to reduce paper use and printing.

A Edible Playground inside Welbourne primary.

Beyond our operations and estate

We have been spearheading environmental initiatives in the communities in which we operate, investing in eco projects that make a difference, volunteering to improve the environment and supporting the vital work of our charity partners. 

Underpinned by industry commitments

Our dedication to sustainability aligns with global and industry-specific initiatives. We regularly undergo independent verification and openly share our progress annually in our sustainability roadmap, building trust with our partners.