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Digital advert on north London Towers at dusk

The Power of Towers

DOOH advertising that’s high-impact, high-end, high-tech

Premium DOOH, such as Clear Channel’s Storm portfolio, offers a brilliant opportunity for brands to stand out. 

The size, scale, location and quality of Storm Towers are previously proven, from studies such as Brand Fame: Uncovered (2016) and JCDecaux’s NPS Study (2017) to drive brand metrics and perceptions.  

Our latest insight collaboration, co-produced with JCDecaux and Researchbods, aims to showcase the benefits for agencies and brands in adding these high-end, high-impact screens to a media mix, and what’s in The Power of Towers.

The Science of Big

Scale + Perception = Effectiveness

Brand Building Advertising

Our insight findings are clear. Adding DOOH Towers, such as Storm, to a media plan will provide a boost to your brand status. The Out of Home sector has spoken a lot about the two-screen future, the benefits and synergy between outdoor and smartphone screens, as well as the unique opportunity of real-world presence for brands. The Power of Towers study, with both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, is additional proof towards omnichannel advertising being the best approach. 

For full access to our findings, fill in the form below. The project demonstrates, amongst a host of positive brand association uplifts, three key findings. Premium DOOH Towers are perfect primers for social, they complement existing digital 6-sheet campaigns, and getting your creative right is critical for more effective campaigns.

Graph of social vs social and towers - social and towers gives a greater response in spontaneous recall and prompted brand stand out

1. Perfect priming for social

Whilst social advertising will do a good job, LFDOOH can further increase stand out and spontaneous recall and are therefore an important consideration on the media plan.


  • Highly tailored and relevant content

  • A direct call to action

  • Opportunity for smaller and independent businesses to advertise


  • Stand out – through size and stature

  • Associated with modernity, innovation, safety and credibility

  • Premium – brands have a higher perceived value using this channel

  • Priming for messages delivered on social channels

Graph of D6 vs D6 and towers - D6 and towers gives a greater response in spontaneous and prompted brand recall

2. Complements your Adshel Live campaign 

If you’re already using D6s, adding LFDOOH will boost recall significantly.

Graph of any media vs any media and towers - any media and towers gives a greater response in spontaneous and prompted brand recall and prompted brand salience

3. Power of a good creative

A clearly branded creative leads to higher levels of recall and stand out.  

Digital tower, social media and digital 6-sheet advert

The Creative Bridge

We can see that Towers complement both social and Adshel Live campaigns, and the importance of a clearly-branded campaign will help boost recall. A further added benefit is the creative synergy between the formats, with the opportunity to use the same portrait creatives across all channels. 

Access the insight

For full access to the insight, or the opportunity to book a meeting to discuss the results and adding Towers to your media plan, fill in the form. 

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