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Powerful Posters

How to master outdoor creativity

Clear Channel's Powerful Poster series is a look at mastering creativity in outdoor advertising, where we'll be bringing you expert inspiration, fresh-thinking, strong opinions and creative guidance on crafting better Out of Home campaigns. 

A kick-off thought leadership discussion, Putting the OOOOOOH in OOH, identified Out of Homes super-powers alongside the creative guidance to maximise your media investment. 

Here you’ll find our position on the position of your logo, insight into your copy length, and advice on how to design a perfect Powerful Poster. 

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Objective / Legibility / Memorability

There are three simple questions that the Powerful Posters series seeks to answer in order to make better Out of Home campaigns.


What are you trying to do?


Is your poster design legible?

Simple. Striking. Succinct. Sensible.


Is your creative memorable?