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Driving Action with Out of Home

Can Powerful Posters provide a performance marketing channel?

Marketing effectiveness experts, Les Binet and Peter Field, advise a blend of both brand building and activation strategies are the most effective way to optimise your advertising activity. Out of Home’s broadcast audience reach naturally lend it to building brands, but can it hit more performance-led objectives?

What is Activation?

A study by Dr B.J Fogg, behavioural scientist and professor at Stanford University, identified that for a person to perform a target behaviour, they must be: sufficiently motivated; have the ability to perform the behaviour and be triggered to perform the behaviour. For Out of Home, those triggers are the 30,000+ posters and communications across the UK. 

To push your likely buyers over the activation line, there are some tactics to explore that answer the questions when they see a trigger: 

Motivation is influenced by…

  • Pleasure/Pain: Will this give me immediate pleasure or reduce current pain? 

  • Hope/Fear: Will something good happen if I do this now, or will I miss out if not? 

  • Social Acceptance/Rejection: If I do this now are people more likely to accept me or not?

Ability to act is influenced by…

  • Availability: Can I purchase or act immediately? 

  • Money: Can I afford this right now? 

  • Effort: How much mental and physical effort will it take?

Motivation and ability are fluid based on the context in which the trigger is seen. For example, an advert for a hot coffee will prompt a different reaction on a cold, winter commute than it will if seen on a hot summer evening at home. 

The Moments of Truth study showcases the benefits for advertisers who take full advantage of the context, flexiblity and creative opportunities of DOOH.

Simple techniques to nudge action

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Why Out of Home

Using Foggs model, we’ve looked at each factor of activation to understand the potential tactics and behavioural science techniques that advertisers can employ to help consumers choose their brand over another.

Find out more

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