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Prime Suspect: brand marketing dead or alive

A Clear Channel investigation...

Brand marketing: dead or alive?

Brand building and activation have traditionally been the bedrock of any successful marketing strategy, and Out of Home is proven to help advertisers deliver against these objectives.  

But is this still the case? The recent growth in e-commerce and performance marketing has led some to suggest that brand marketing is no longer as important as it once was, that it is now, to all intents and purpose, dead. So, what does this mean for how brands should be planning and buying media? Does the 60:40 rule of brand to activation still apply? What is the role of OOH?

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Our latest webinar investigation, Prime Suspect: Dead or alive?, goes undercover to interrogate the facts and unearth the truth. We walk you through the evidence, delving into each element in detail and answering these tricky questions along the way:

  • Eyewitness Testimony – what do the greatest marketing minds have to say? 

  • Econometrics – does the impact of brand marketing aid the success of performance marketing? 

  • Lasting Impact – what are the long-term effects of brand marketing?  

  • New Research – what is the new role of the two broadcast heavy weights - TV & OOH  

  • Plot Twist – are broadcast channels now capable of more than just branding? 

02  You decide...

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