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Clear Channel RADAR®

Meet your audience, Out of Home

Harness real world consumer behaviour and the flexibility of Out of Home with Clear Channel RADAR®, the proprietary mobile data platform and campaign planning approach.

Clear Channel RADAR® brings powerful digital insights of audience groups including demographics, location and point of interest visits, brand affinity and online browsing behaviours to the real and physical world of Out of Home for more effective, flexible, data-driven campaign planning. The technology provides invaluable data to help brands reflect how consumer behaviours change, and to build more nuanced and effective outdoor advertising, securing stronger consumer engagement.

Adding to the existing core strength of the medium’s broadcast reach, the more granular data will crucially be able to deliver a perfect balance of targeted reach solutions, with the added ability to craft campaigns geared towards hitting objectives such as driving customer loyalty, acquisition, or delivering store footfall.

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01  Digital insights

Powerful data

Fuelling RADAR is GDPR compliant, and stringently vetted, granular SDK data, which anonymously details the movements of millions of users, alongside demographic information, their interests and brand affinities. Country-specific data and data sources are invested in and updated frequently to truly reflect behavioural trends Out of Home.

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02  Brings data to life

Intelligent and integrated

Smart processing and integration with Clear Channel’s systems brings the mobile data to life. Advertisers can identify their target audience and understand exactly which Clear Channel sites, at what times and dates, have the most clout for targeting new or returning customers.

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03  Ready to go

Easy to understand

The platform’s client portal displays the suggested plan and panel index scores in a digestible manner through an interactive visual browser, creating a ready to go campaign that’s targeting the right audience and is easy to approve and book, powered by RADARView.

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