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The Moment for Trust

In today’s world, public trust is becoming an increasingly scarce commodity.

Just 34% of consumers saying they trust the brands they use. As such, this has fast risen to the top of every marketeer’s agenda, as 81% of consumers state that trust is a deciding factor in their purchase journey.

Every day, consumers are presented with an abundance of news, advertising, information and messages through a multitude of mediums. Peoples concern over content veracity has risen with recent social and political developments further exacerbated the issue.

What these means for brands is that is has never been more important to deliver honest, reliable and trustworthy advertising to counter-act the decline and future-proof their business.

As such, brand trust is at its most crucial point.

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Brand Trust

The Moment for Trust, a collaborative industry research piece between Clear Channel and JCDecaux, explores three important areas in connecting with your consumer:

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    A view on the impact of trust in retail

    Examining the effect of trust on brand engagement and consumer action across major retail categories.

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    Effectively advertising to consumers

    Discover the influence of your advertising mix in building trust, and the power of Out of Home in your campaign.

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    Activate Out of Home

    Testing the effectiveness of Out of Home creatives through copy-testing and real-life case studies.

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Key Findings

The Moment for Trust delivers some fantastic knowledge for marketers on how to build and maintain brand trust, with insight on what and how you can deliver your advertising messaging and the benefits of doing so.

To see the full insight, including category specific discoveries, please get in touch using the form below. You can also view our launch webinar, where we invited a panel of top brands in Tesco, EE, Pension Bee and OmniGov, alongside academic and media commentators, to help us break down and understand the concept of trust.

The key takeaways from the presentation show that capturing and converting your audience into a trusted customer will significantly increase their likelihood of brand engagement. It shows that public media, and in particular Out of Home advertising, as the most successful channels in delivering credible information and that trust built using Out of Home directly translates into driving brand consideration.

graphic stats image animation. 1 in 5 say trust is a deal breaker when purchasing, Consumers are 36% more likely to engage with brands they trust, Quality & price, 1 in 4 agree OOH is a platform for good, expressing progressive and social values


  • Consumers are 36% more likely to engage with brands they trust 

  • 1 in 4 agree OOH is a platform for good, expressing progressive and social values 

  • 1 in 5 say trust is a deal breaker when it comes to purchasing 

  • Quality and price are top brand attributes when it comes to trust 

stats graphic - 1 in 3 say they trust Out of Home


  • Consumers relate honesty, reliability, and safety most when it comes to trust

  • Trust in public broadcasting channels leads against all other media

  • 1 in 3 say they trust Out of Home 

stats graphic - Out of Home builds trust by increasing brand consideration & by driving positive brand perceptions


Interested in the insight?

Trust is a major topic right now in media, and beyond.

If you're interested in seeing the full research presentation, The Moment for Trust, and talking it through with one of our team, then please fill in the form and we'll be in touch with more information.

04  Trust Webinar

Understanding the concept of Trust

To understand what trust means to brands, we first need to understand the concept of trust itself.

And that meant answering a few key questions: What is it? How do you build it? How do you keep it? Why is it important? How has a global pandemic changed it?

And to answer those questions, and launch our joint research, we hosted a webinar where we heard from academics, statisticians, researchers, brand leaders, and marketers on exactly why right now is: The Moment for Trust.

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