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Wanna take this outside?

How to pick a fight with a category entry point and win, using Out of Home

We know that great marketing builds mental availability, but what exactly is mental availability? How much do you have and how do you get more of it? 

To really understand the value of mental availability you need to recognise it for what it is – a metric to be measured, studied, and tracked.

In Wanna take this outside? our Research & Insight Director, Lindsay Rapacchi will get you match fit with his rigorous training workout. You'll learn that at the heart of the battle for mental availability, is a fight for category entry points. Sadly, choosing whether you fight for them or not isn’t an option, you’re already in the ring. The secret is to learn how to box clever and win. 

In the brand-new insight video series, you’ll discover how to: 

·       Measure and track mental availability

·       Identify category entry points and decide which ones are worth fighting for

·       Land a knock-out blow using our easy 7-point guide

And of course, above all else, you’ll learn why having Out of Home in your corner is the key to success.

All the videos are easily available to watch on-demand below, so grab a coffee (or whatever boxers drink?) and let the training begin!

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01  Meet Lindsay Rapacchi

Lindsay is our Director of Research and Insight and has over 20 years of media experience, many of which has been within the Out of Home industry.

Starting his career in media sales he was quick to recognise a disconnect between the outputs of media owner insight teams and the type of insights clients and planners actually needed to confidently buy media. As such, he started making the move over to research and insight and has been designing and producing impactful research projects ever since.

As an advocate of strong, brand-led marketing strategies and the marketing theories that underpin them, Lindsay is an expert at interrogating fact over fiction.

Wanna take this outside now?

Interested in finding out more about our latest insight piece - Wanna take this outside? Drop us a line and we'll be in touch to talk about how you can pick a fight with a category entry point and win using Out of Home.