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Xcel 2000 Fostercare Case Study

Success Story

  Xcel 2000 are an independent fostering organisation, founded in 2000, covering Kent, London, Essex and Hertfordshire.   

Client objectives

Xcel 2000 wanted to raise awareness through Out of Home advertising and increase enquiries from potential foster parents. We spoke with Aimee Barlett, Fostering Recruitment Officer at Xcel 2000 Fostercare about their campaign. 

\"After my initial\ninquiry a Clear Channel representative reviewed our marketing objectives and\nguided us through a bespoke media schedule. Planning specifical outdoor\nadvertising formats to target the family audiences we needed to reach using the\nClear Channel marketing tools Radar and Route to accomplish a targeted Outdoor\nmedia schedule.\"

The campaign

\"The Data knowledge\nprovided us with the key proximity areas, locally and regionally to reach and\ngrow awareness of Xcel 2000 Foster Care to our potential family audiences.

The advertising\nsite locations were paramount to reach our targeted group, pedestrians in high\nfootfall areas, drivers on heavy arterial routes and frequent shoppers. Bus stops, Billboards and Supermarkets sites were key in reaching our\npotential Foster Parents.

The result

\"Post analysis of\nour first outdoor campaign we gained a 216% increase of enquiries from families\nlocally and further afield in partnering postcode areas too. The campaign\nalso engaged with audiences on our social media platforms and we saw an\nincrease in traffic to our Website instantly. Our first campaign with Clear\nChannel generated the coverage and frequency we needed to raise our brand\nawareness local/regionally within our community and the response in enquiries\noverwhelming,  we are very pleased with the results.\"

When asked whether Clear Channel would continue to be part of Xcel 2000's marketing strategy, Aimee replied \"Yes, we will continue to\nwork with Clear Channel as a key partner in our marketing strategy to raise\nawareness of fostering and recruit new foster families. We will continue to\nutilise billboard and bus stop advertising and are keen to try new avenues of\nadvertising with Clear Channel such as Geo Locate to amplify our future\nroadside media schedules.\"

Thanks again to Aimee Bartlett, Fostering Recruitment Officer at Xcel 2000 Fostercare, for providing this case study. You can visit their website: