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The Point of Search

Understanding the why, where and the how of consumer search

What’s The Point of Search?

Mobile now plays a crucial role in any omnichannel marketing strategy. In a world where 60% of web traffic is via mobile and people carry their devices with them everywhere they go, it's also crucial for brands to understand the impact of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising on mobile search behaviour. We know that Out of Home drives people online, often via search, but what about the why, where and the how of search, and what this means for brands looking to drive performance?

The Point of Search is a ground-breaking, collaborative Out-of-Home research study, developed in partnership between Clear Channel, Global, JCDecaux UK and Posterscope. Designed to understand people’s search behaviours and how they differ based on their location, the research explores why people search, where they search, how specific attributes and priming factors of the out of home space encourage search, and how to optimise OOH advertising to maximise the search effect.

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How was the research conducted?

Three key stages of the research uncovered new insights into consumer search behaviour out of home:

A combination of desk research and a quantitative online survey of 1,100 respondents was carried out to understand why people search, delving into consumer need states and search typologies.

The second stage was conducted through a Mobile Search Diary Tool, collating a detailed account of 10,000 mobile searches across 42 categories, over 7 days, comparing OOH searches vs those at home.

An online survey of 1,100 consumers was then carried out using visual stimulus and videos to understand OOH creative best practices to encourage search.

What are the headline findings?

Understanding why people search, the study qualifies that the search journey is a fulfilment of varying levels of human need states, from 'doing' searches that fulfil basic need states, to more complex searches focused on 'progressing' and 'self-discovering'. The study highlights the significant impact of out of home environments on consumer search behaviour. Put simply, as people spend more time out of home, they conduct more diverse and action-oriented searches. The study also uncovers the most effective OOH advertising creative and priming strategies to encourage search, including screen size, ad frequency, consumer dwell time, and of course the creative itself. This is particularly notable with DOOH able to deliver dynamic messaging and local calls to action.

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Weekends are for...

Out of home searches take place across the busy working week and weekend. The diversity of Out of Home advertising environments means that individual locations can be selected and up-weighted on specific days to target audiences in distinct mindsets; for example, the proportion of searches taking place at the weekend are significantly higher in retail, food and drink, and leisure related locations.



more likely for weekend searches to take place in high streets/malls *

* vs. all OOH environments

Want to get straight to The Point of Search?

We recently ran a Point of Search webinar in partnership with Global, JCDecaux and Posterscope. Hosted by Richard Shotton and including an informative panel discussion with leading industry experts, the session explored all the key findings of the research. To get an on-demand copy of the webinar sent straight to your inbox, along with a summary of the key findings, and an in-depth white paper, fill in the form. A member of the team will also be in touch to discuss if you would like to arrange for the full deck to be presented to you in real life.