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High street advertising

Clear Channel offers high street advertising throughout the UK. Choose from two street ad formats. Our poster sites, Adshel, and our digital street advertising screens, Adshel Live, all well placed to reach millions of people as they shop, eat and socialise.

Our high street formats reach a wide range of audiences, including shoppers looking for retail inspiration, office workers at lunch time, and young people meeting friends and parents with children (to name a few).  

Whether you’re looking to launch something new, drive brand awareness or inspire people to take action, our high street proposition can be used to get your product or service seen.

From local targeted advertising campaigns to broader national campaigns, reach your target audience with the right messaging at the right time on our high streets. Read on to find out more.

Footasylum ad at a bus shelter with people walking past
02  Classic poster sites


We have thousands of classic Adshel 6-sheet poster sites across the UK that offers an unavoidable pedestrian level format for advertisers to reach large amounts of people on high streets up and down the country.



Adshel panels nationwide *

* Route 50

Bright red Love Cocoa ad with people walking past
03  High street digital screens

Adshel Live

Adshel Live is our market-leading digital Out of Home network, with screens located in over 146 cities and towns nationally. Located in busy city centres as well as local high streets, the flexibility of Adshel Live means advertisers can tailor their campaigns to marketing objectives.



Digital 6-sheet screens *

* Route 50


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