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Roadside Advertising

Nationwide advertising

01  National network of roadside sites

Be Seen on the Roadside

Clear Channel’s roadside ads enable brands and organisations to reach UK audiences at scale. They are seen by 89% of the adult population*, fortnightly. 

Our eye-catching national portfolio grabs the attention of motorists, to commuters, shoppers and pedestrians, turning this Out of Home environment into an opportunity for businesses of all shapes and sizes to deliver impactful campaigns.

*Route 50

Roadside advertising includes a variety of classic and digital sites, each strategically positioned in unmissable locations like our super-premium Storm and Billboard Live digital networks situated on motorways and arterial routes and our street-level Adshel posters and screens.

Roadside advertising is a powerful platform for national, regional, and local-level campaigns. By working with us, you'll reach millions of people in your local area and increase your brand presence.

02  Brand building Reach

Why Use Roadside Advertising

Roadside advertising is proven to deliver brand-building reach for advertisers*. It is known to make brands famous with posters that stick in your audience's mind. With the growth in digital, it also provides brands with the added flexibility to activate timely and location-based advertising.

*See our Why Out of Home section for more insight.

Reaching millions of people every week, Roadside advertising provides the perfect platform for advertisers to get in front of target audiences in a cost-effective way.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Unmissable. Our advertising formats are strategically placed to catch the attention of passersby.

  • Wide Reach. Your brand will reach a broad range of people and attract them to your business.

  • High Footfall Locations. Hundreds of people pass by our ads daily.

Crosta & Mollica's 'altogether Itali&n' pizza advertisement with cars driving by

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PensionBee's 'Feels so good' Adshel advertisement on a busy high street
03  Find out more about our Roadside advertising formats


Adshel is our national portfolio of classic roadside 6-sheet poster sites situated in high traffic volume areas that reaches 84% of the UK’s adult population in cities, towns and villages across the UK every fortnight.



Adshel panels nationwide *

* Route 50

Yfood's pink 'Without faff' Adshel Live advertisement on a London high street with lots of shoppers

Adshel Live

Reaching pedestrians and motorists along busy high streets and roadsides across the country, Adshel Live is the UK’s largest Digital Out of Home (DOOH) network, reaching millions of people every week. Its flexible and creative capabilities will make campaigns work harder.



Digital 6-sheet screens *

* Route 50

Nationwide's Billboard advertisement with car travellers driving past


With 48-sheet and 96-sheet billboards across the UK, this classic nationwide portfolio offers a highly visible roadside canvas that captivates audiences and helps businesses build brands and drive awareness.   



Poster sites *

* Route 50

Shein's 'Summer sale' Billboard Live advertisement surrounded by lots of cars

Billboard Live

Unmissable digital screens, offering a platform for contextually relevant messaging to audiences along high traffic arterial routes through major towns and cities across the UK, including London, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Manchester.



Digital 48-sheet screens *

* Route 50

The Collective's purple 'Lick it real good' yoghurt advertisement on Storm Fulham Broadway with lots of traffic


Storm is a portfolio of super-premium large format digital screens located on major arterial roads across five major UK cities, designed to deliver brand fame for advertisers by offering full brand ownership of the screens during chosen hours.   


Digital sites *

* Route 50

08  Audience insight

Reach your audience

Debenham's light blue with a womans blue dress Adshel advertisement surrounded by 2 cars

Of people who travel to work by car, 74% have seen OOH in the past week*

*Source: TGI 2020

Lidl's pink Billboard Live 'Big on quality for all' advertisement with motor vehicles driving past

Over 9 million people have seen a large roadside advert in the past week*

American Express's Storm advertisement at night with lots of motor vehicles driving by

5.4 million ABC1 adults have seen a large roadside advert in the past week*

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