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Malls Live XL

This season's big trend

01  Cinematic Scale

Large, Premium Malls Video Screens

Malls Live XL is our premium network of large scale shopping centre display advertising in key retail and leisure destinations across the UK.

Our large advertising screens ensure your brand is seen and remembered. With a bespoke design and cinematic-scale, these unmissable screens are in close proximity to key stores and create an instant impact - helping to ensure a truly memorable advertising campaign.  


full motions digital screens


top UK malls



of creative canvas

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02  Go big

Unmissable, bold and impactful

Malls Live XL perfectly complements and amplifies smaller digital campaigns, like those featured on our Malls Live or Adshel Live screens. 

A bigger canvas means a bigger opportunity to deliver your message in an unmissable, bold and impactful way. 

Digital flexibility makes Malls Live XL the perfect partner to mobile and other digital activity.

03  Be inspired

04  Start Today

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