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Berwick-upon-Tweed (also referred to as Berwick) is a coastal town found at the northern tip of the Northumberland Coast. It is the northernmost town in England located just three miles from the Scottish borders. For over 400 years Berwick was at the centre of border wars as the English and the Scottish battled to claim the town. To this day, there is a blurred line in the national identity of those who live in Berwick.

Due to the continual efforts of Scotland and England to claim it, the military defences of Berwick were built, rebuilt and fortified time and again. Because of this, Berwick-Upon-Tweed boasts an incredibly well-preserved medieval castle with fortifications and artillery ramparts that can be explored to this day. Today these town walls protect the quaint town centre that sports independent shopping, cafes and pubs and art galleries. 

Berwick is a beautiful town that boasts stunning coastline scenery, sandy beaches and historical heritage sites. Just south of Berwick town centre, the Northumberland Coast Area of Natural Beauty begins at Berwick’s Cocklawburn Beach and stretches for nearly forty miles. With all it has to offer, Berwick-upon-Tweed is a popular tourist destination. In 2019, the town saw nearly half a million visitors spending just shy of £6 million in the process.  

With its rich history on display, beautiful coastline and charming town centre Berwick is an excellent location to advertise your business.

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