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Milton Keynes is the largest town in the Buckinghamshire region of England with an approximate population of around 229,000. Considered a 'new' town of the UK, Milton Keynes was only founded in the 1960s to relieve overcrowding and house pressures in London. Despite this, the town incorporated many of its earlier surrounding settlements and villages to give it some history that dates back to the Bronze Age.

Milton Keynes has one of the most successful economies in the UK with the majority of its workforce covering service industries and manufacturing. The town is famed for its business startups and sees the fifth-highest number of new businesses in the UK. The town is also the UK's largest populated area without its own university.

Despite being a newer town than many of its surrounding areas, Milton Keynes has lots of offer across shopping, leisure and entertainment. The town is known for its open-air National Bowl venue which is a popular choice for large-scale events including music concerts. There's also plenty of choice when it comes to bars, clubs and restaurants, making Milton Keynes a great option for all walks of life. 

Irrespective of its newer town status, Milton Keynes has a century-old pub culture with a range of traditional pubs across the town.

There are plenty of shopping options for locals and visitors alike, and the centre:mk has ranked as one of the top 10 shopping centres in the UK. Shoppers can also visit the intu Milton Keynes centre as well as well-loved high street stores and independent boutiques.

Milton Keynes is a thriving town in the South East of England and a must-try for any businesses looking to advertise in the local area.

Prime Advertising Space

Including on the busiest streets as well as outside MK Central train station

Reach over 83%

Of locals and commuters across the city

Connect With Shoppers

With a range of digital free-standing units

Engage With Students

With a range of digital advertising space across the most popular bars and pubs

Exclusive Rights

For outdoor advertising in Milton Keynes

Connecting with customers in Milton Keynes

If you need help connecting with your customers in Milton Keynes, we have experts in place to offer you the right advice and guidance. At Clear Channel, we offer a fantastic range of outdoor advertising sites in prominent locations across the town. We have the exclusive rights for outdoor advertising in Milton Keynes with a reach of over 83% of locals and commuters, making it an absolute must if you're a business that's looking to make an impact in the area.

We operate billboards and bus shelters in prominent locations across Milton Keynes including the busiest shopping streets as well as outside MK Central train station, allowing you to maximise on the high footfall town centre. We also have eye-catching screens along Avebury Boulevard which is a lively part of the town centre.

If you're looking to connect with shoppers, we have a range of digital free-standing units across the most frequented shopping streets, in addition to digital screens outside the centre:mk shopping mall. To engage with students and leisure-seekers, we have a great range of digital advertising space across the most popular bars and pubs in Milton Keynes, meaning you can reach your target audience as they socialise.

No matter what your marketing objectives and budgets are, we'll work alongside you to help you reach your advertising goals. Our experts in Milton Keynes will identify the best locations for your business and will create a cost-effective campaign to help you reach your audience. At Clear Channel, we pride ourselves on providing a reliable and trustworthy service for each and every customer.

Our local customers include Thomas Connolly Estate Agents Ltd and Aspers & Milton Keynes College. If you're interested in finding out how Clear Channel advertising can work for your business in Milton Keynes, please get in touch.

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